February 2, 2014

Cinemascian 2014: TALA

I fell in love with Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli the first time I read it back when I was a teeny bopper. The narration and the plot drew me in, held me close and never let me go. We had a film festival last year and the thought of making a movie adaptation out of it came to my mind but alas those thoughts were pushed back to make way for an equally riveting screenplay by Juan Ekis entitled 20 Questions. But since then, I vowed to myself that when the occasion rises for another film to be made, I shall try my hardest to bring Stargirl to life from her pages. 

Thus, what follows are vignettes of the entire production of our short film entry to this year's Cinemascian, TALA.

Pat Odrada as Tala
Cinnamon and Cinnabon

I know some of you might be wondering or maybe have already come to the conclusion as to why I'm writing again after all this time. This may be a publicity stint to some or it may not be. But I just want to express everything in this post since my last post in the Roentgen Group was too scattered and too emotional hehehehe. 

Thank you, Roentgen. I meant it back then and I still mean it when I say that I feel like we've won already with the support you guys are giving TALA. The entire experience of making a movie with you guys was a whirlwind of emotions and stress. I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to finish it or I'd somehow lose my mind trying but I did try and we did finish it and I think the fact that we did is something to be proud of already. TALA is our baby hehehe just like our Speech Choir performance and not to mention our unforgettable Carol Fest number hahahahahehehehe. There may have been times when we questioned why we were put in this section but I believe that things happen for a reason. WE happened for a reason and I can't be thankful enough hehe. Mwah mwah guys!!!

July 27, 2013

Jhislaine Rhyss A. Gozar

JHIS :( I will miss you so much and words cannot express how grateful I am to have been livejournal/skins/models/jessica stam/tumblr friends with you. I'll miss calling you jhisinmypants :( I'll miss your high pitched voice :( I'll miss you :( I love you you tiny person you thanks for making me so gay. Enjoy Canada, I hope you find your Bieber he he he he!!!! I LOVE YOU JHIS!

July 21, 2013


I am an avid youtuber. Browsing through videos always makes entertains me and sometimes I come across gems that make me forever thankful that I spend time mindlessly going through a ton of videos online. This particular treasure that I discovered is a video by Rudimental. I was on a music spree at that time and since I had nothing better to do, I clicked on this one. No one told me how much I'd fall in love with it. 

This is the first video of Rudimental's that I have ever watched and from the get-go the rawness of their emotions left me breathless and feeling like a light has been lit deep inside me (that's what she said) (joke) (huhu). If I were to let you guys peek inside my mind while I watched that video it would just be a loop of 'shet shet shet shet huhu shet huhu huhu dont cry huhu shet' hehe.

This is the second video of theirs that I watched. After being awed by Waiting All Night, I tucked the video in a corner of my heart and went on with my life but fate decided to interfere and distract me from my studies because it led me to finding this one. The cinematography is just DIVINE! Everything looks so rich and creamy and the actor who plays the monk guy is so good :(

The third one hits a particular note since Filipinos star in it and it's set here in Manila hehe. Anyhhhway this once evoked such emotions from me, it's crazy. They're just crazy good. I love how they don't just focus on the music they produce or remix or whatever, but they incorporate it with such mind-blowingly beautiful visuals that gives the person watching their products not just a beautiful auditory experience but a visual one as well. 

Dear Rudimental people, you make me believe that there really is beauty in everything -especially in tragedies. Thank you for making such awe-inspiring videos, please do make more mwah.  

July 12, 2013


Watergirls with the Mother of Charaughtsity. Happy happy happy birthday Madame Abby!!! :)

The place where it all started.......
I have started a few entries already with the same sentiment...but let me say it again hehe I have been such an absent blogger lately and I feel a bit bad huhu. I half-heartedly stopped blogging during the middle of summer since my teenager-ness kicked in full blast and it left me wanting to be a private person HAHA. But lately, I've been feeling the itch to blog again what with all the happenings all around and what better way to start blogging again (I think) than to make a post about Watergirls!!

Hihi hihi hihi
Oops nasobrahan sa brightness ahehe

Today marks our anniversary as...girls....who share.....common interests hehe. I just wanna go gay and express my love for these girls in this post. We survived the deadliest year of our high school life together, the year that I anticipated that would be the dullest and very academic became so fun and pubertial and so girly all thanks to you guys hihi. All our ranting and venting and squealing will forever be stored in a special place in my heart huhuhu.

Watergirls ft. Angeline 

Because a little birdy got me started on Sex and the City which is actually quite nice huhu, I hope we can be like them (in some ways). I hope us girls can go and be ourselves out there in the big city or something. I hope we can be very successful in our own fields. I hope we can meet up for lunch in a swanky place someday and we'd all be wearing pencil skirts and we'd exude so much power and sophistication hihihi.

I love you guys oh so mucho! May Alexi Wasser forever be our mentor in life. FMEN!

July 3, 2013

hashtag push

it has been such a long long long long time since i last blogged about what my thoughts really are. i somehow have fallen out of love with expressing myself through the written word but here i am again hehe since i am being plagued by my thoughts relentlessly. these are just some of the things i have in mind that i think i need to put down in order for my brain to breathe hehe

1) the topic about the relocation of illegal tenants in certain parts of the metro was brought up in journalism class earlier and this had me thinking. my initial reaction was to be intensely annoyed with the seemingly oppressed squatters who are now being forced to move somewhere else, preferably to the rural areas where they wouldn't be as much of an eye sore in the bustling streets of the city. i expressed such emotion earlier since their reluctance and objection to what the authorities are telling them to do really irked since i couldn't believe the audacity they had to complain when in the first place they don't even contribute to the tax-paying done by the working mass.

but then our teacher enlightened us with a story of a documentary she saw. in this particular clip, the host really went in depth and tried to live as a 'squatter' would meaning she had to set forth and move to a relocation site in the province. it is then shown that the living quarters provided by the government can barely be classified as livable since their previous quarters in the city would appear to be as mansions compared to those given by the government in the said areas. plus it was mentioned that their source of income would be the cleaning of bottles or something that only gave out a super low salary.

with all of these sides in mind, i came to a conclusion backed up by a strong feeling in my heart that in order for us to develop as a country, the government should really straighten up, provide decent services and that in turn would spread peace all over the nation. but with how crooked we are already, it seems to be an impossible feat. the only solution that i have left is for us to have an uber strict president. a president that would demand for attention and respect. but then i asked myself what could the president possess or do to achieve that? and since my mind was working overtime, i answered my question right away. he or she would have to be radical. i'm talking about conceivably killing people in order to implement a strict but effective regime. this person would have to step on a lot of people since i think a peaceful alternative would never be feasible at the state we are in.

so that is how my fleeting thoughts of becoming the president of the philippines were squashed.

2) earlier in our humanities class, we were shown the clip from the musical, rent wherein they sang their famous song called seasons of love. now i've always had a soft spot in my heart for this particular song. and seeing it play other than on a laptop screen, with its fancy subtitles had me feeling oh so giddy.

i cannot express how much beauty i find in that song. especially the resounding theme that they convey which is to measure a year not in days or anything but in the love that you receive from people and i think the love you give out. for me, no words have been strung together as powerfully as this one but then again i have only lived for 16 years.

i can't write anymore about it without going all philosophical and preachy, and those two p's are adjectives that i cannot afford to embody right now for i still have work to do hehe hehe hehe

3) i love india so much and if india were a person this would be my letter to him/her:

dear india,

i know i may not have entered your premises ;) but it seems to me that i have fallen in love with you. with your past, not so much your present but we can work things out, and your future. your colorful outlook in life draws me in like a moth to a flame. i have actually tried and tested myself to see whether or not this is just a phase but it has been years since that fateful day in 6th grade when i introduced myself saying 'hi im gab i like british people and indians' and til now i still find myself yearning to be part of your world no matter how the little mermaid-y that may sound. no matter what people say about you, i will always be adamant about my fascination with you. i hope we meet someday mwa mwa mwa.


June 2, 2013

Brigada Eskwela 2013

We had this year's Brigada Eskwela last May 20-24 and since I've been so busy (which really is not an excuse), I haven't been able to blog about anything including the super tiring yet super fun and fulfilling 5 days of preparing our school for the next school year. I must admit, during my first 3 years in MaSci, I never really got down and dirty during the past Brigadas.

Anyhhway, here are some of my favorite photos from Brigada Eskwela 2013 in MaSci :D I just wanna say thank you thank you thank you to all of the people who were there physically and spiritually hehe. 

Come October MaSci will be celebrating its 50th year and I hope that the Brigada is just a sign of how awesome this school year will be hihi :D School starts tomorrow, lettuce do this!!!