October 2, 2011


I find drawing portraits very relaxing and compared to still life, landscape and seascape, portraiture is the best for me. I like working on the details of the eyes and the hair especially but I really, really, really, really, really suck at proportions. Seriously, I'd draw famous people or just random gorgeous people from weheartit or tumblr and my drawings wouldn't look like them! It's so frustrating but at the same time, I get to create new characters which I'd consider as the bright side of my problem.

Hehehehehe I tried to draw Iwan Rheon (I used a screenshot from Misfits as a guide) and ended up with this tarsier-looking guy. I named him sausageman since I could imagine him as a sausage seller with his slicked back hair and his creepy/oily persona.

Actually, this one was supposed to be a guy haha but while I was working on it, I noticed that it was very feminine so halfway through the drawing, I changed my mind and turned it into a girl....and in the end, it turned into a sunflower.  


  1. Hey Gab! Finally blogged again after a while! Anyhow, nice drawing, and keep it up. Also, had a fun time doing a brief catch-up with you at Jhis' birhtday bash! :D

  2. Yeah a little birdy told me to update my blog hahaha jk. Thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun too :)


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