June 20, 2012

The Opposite of Wild

Here are just some old stuff I worked on last year that I found while looking for a piece of board to print my new name tag on. The first one is just something that I doodled while in school while the second one is the result of my failed attempt at drawing a raccoon. Instead of ending up with a bandit, I somehow turned it into a human being with a serious need for concealer hehe. 

So far, this week has been Okay with a capital O. Nothing that exciting has happened yet, the most was the announcement that classes will be cut at 1pm on Friday yay. I did however finally got transferred to Journalism class tho and I brought my camera with me to school today and man did it feel weird to use it inside the campus. I'm hoping and praying that the photos don't have a green tint care of the Amadome!! Today's also Bianca Fabia the girl wonder's birthday. By girl wonder I meant annoyingly tall and has amazing hair like 24/7 ugh why doesn't your fringe get sweaty, Bianca? Huhuhu joke. 

Anyway, tomorrow we have a long test in Advanced Algebra and an oral defense in Research. I need all the luck (and rest) (and duh, knowledge) I can get!!!


  1. Gab!!!! Why are you so sweet? Hahaha. I don't think I'm annoyingly tall but if I am, I can't do anything about it :((( And like omg you like my hair, eh your hair is like the best thing in school, especially when it's braided. Hehehe. Kakilig ka talaga Gab :'> HAHAHAH

    1. I guess it comes with beeing a beaker...........hehehehe. You can help by telling everyone youre older than me HAHA joke! Weh, bat kasi di nababasa hair mo huhu its like permanent wet look ang peg ko e oink. Hihi ikr u too!!!


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