June 30, 2012

Cheeze Loueeez

I slept after watching and witnessing the Charice fiasco that is X-Factor Philippines and was brought back to the world by my dad at around 5am to finish my workload. I'm now done with English, Physics and Filipino....all that's left is my ABR Research Proposal which I'm sure will only result to me being slapped either literally or figuratively hehe. Around 9 earlier, after going off about Pentatonix and their amazingness over breakfast, I decided to get rid of my proverbial itch and tried to imitate my mum's *insert adjective here* oreo cheesecake.

Sossy rezipe is sozzy

I finally used a mortar and pestle for these hehe childhood dream

The box from which our cream cheese came from

The thingie's name is Indigo. This is its tourist photo

This is Indigo with its wife/life partner, Indiga. Again, another tourist photo.

The recipe said to bake for 45 minutes so I went back to my room and spotted my limerick book hihi. I'm starting to love limericks by the way. They're just so adorable! I might make it a habit of writing one a day hehe. It's the only form of poetry that I can understand along with haikus. 

It wasn't due yet but my sister asked me if it was ready since the smell was different. I checked it out and bam it was! I'm not yet sure if I just wasted a ton of cream cheese huhu but I really really really really hope I didn't.

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

It's really no excuse I wasn't able to post yesterday. I woke up, tried to make a cover, got wet because of the rain on my way to the dentist, had my mouth prodded hehe and spent almost the entire day recording a video (while we had guests in the house huhu had a hard time trying to 'soundproof' my parents' room). When I got home from the dentist, a bracket instantly came off so I had to come back in the afternoon. Anyway, I recorded a ton of videos and when I transferred them to the laptop, the audio was all wonky :( I promise I wont do the same for July's! 

Here are my test shots by the way; I mean these are where I placed the camera on ala makeshift tripod!

June 29, 2012

Carpe Those Who Wait & Good Things Come To Diem

Today has been quite eventful. From the very very very...tense first period to the second period that was bombarded with a very mischievous bumblebee to the earthquake drill that had Kurt stuck inside the boys' comfort room. Classes were cut short since our school had its fumigation ergo by the power invested in me by T.P.E, we had a cheesecake day! 

We sat inside the bus for an eternity, finally went down on our stop and while walking to the tricycle area, guess what happened? Guess. Okay stop guessing. 

Something wet landed on my sleeve. I felt the wetness seep into my uniform and touching my skin. I looked down and saw a spot larger than a coin. At first I was all 'oh wow a bird pooped on me' but then Nath pointed out that it definitely is not bird poop. Turns out, someone's loogie or saliva or whatever landed on me. YES I GOT SPAT ON. I just felt sick during the ride to my house and headed straight for the safe confines of the bathroom to furiously scrub my arm once we got home. 

After our cash-burning but certainly not calorie-burning (hehe) food escapade in Town, (btw, the traffic was just terrible why why why) we went back to my house and did what we do best...which is...I really don't know haha.

I dont really know whats going on HAHA

Meet Gabriel Theodore Mesina

Nath just played while Chloe made her previous math teachers proud by answering a problem hehe

Nath has okra (lady fingers)
I'm................feeling sexy and free HAHAHA

Seriously the only decent picture we had for the day!

'Whisper has your back gurl, WHISPER HAS YOUR BACK GURL!'
Here are .gifs once again since I really enjoy making them and by doing this, I won't have to humiliate ourselves.......much.

I have forgiven whoever hawked a loogie at me earlier since maybe just maybe and I'm really giving him the biggest benefit of the doubt right here, maybe he had 'using my mouth as an alternative canon' on his bucket list or something. Okay, that really sounded stupid huhu whatever. But anyway, we all know there is a fine line between seizing the day or carpe diem and the saying that good things come to those who wait, but how can you tell when to use which saying during a particular situation? 

June 27, 2012

This May Well Be a Petition for Jeremy Renner to Come Back

Life in Taft can be tough. My previous sentence, on the other hand, can be a tongue twister. 

I can say that technically I grew up in the said avenue since my dad has worked in the Supreme Court for a long time, I finished elementary in St. Scholastica's College, Manila (I missed saying St. Scho's 'full name' okay haha) and I'm now in my 3rd year in Manila Science High School. I have always remained indifferent to Taft though. In the past, whenever someone would mention it, nothing significant comes to mind save for a flash of blue. How's that for irony? Haha! 

Anyway, unknowingly Taft has wormed and flooded its way into my heart. I can say the same for the raw, humid-looking and wildly in disarray Manila that seems to capture every foreign film maker's eye though I haven't explored it thoroughly. Yet. I don't know why, but I can say that if someone asks me about Taft or Manila in general now, the first thing that would pop in my head is leather; worn and whatnot. It's like I've gotten to know the place more. 

Whether it be from my schoolmates' tales of adventure, my non-monumental first hand experiences or from simple observations. I'm glad that I feel rather nationalistic and that for once I understand why Bourne Legacy and other movies decided to film here hehe.