June 11, 2012

Art Smart: Alien Hair Salon Catalog Artist

I love my hair. I am now growing it out so I could have tresses like Miley Cyrus..or possibly a mermaid. When I first started out drawing, I had quite a hard time drawing hair. I wanted and tried so hard to capture the shiny-ness, the flow-yness and the softness. Enter Winnie Truong! Before I watched the videos on youtube about drawing hair and all, I used to stare at her works and just try to decipher how she manages to make the hair look so dang realistic.

But what sets her drawings apart, is that theyre just downright..weird. To the point that I found them a wee bit disturbing! They remind me so much of the illustrations in Black Hole the comic book mehehe. I can imagine these drawings as a part of some alien salon hair catalog thingy.

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  1. these illustrations are amazing i can see why you like them so much. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    robyn xoxo


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