July 28, 2012

Outbreak Manila: BGC

I joined Outbreak Manila for the second time today. I seriously regretted not pushing through with my plans of dressing up in my old Filipiniana costume the last time there was an outbreak so I squashed my qualms of possibly looking ridiculous and wore one of those reflective MMDA vests. 

I went over to Twinkle's house before the race began so we could go together and to check out our Physics project's progress. Man, it was so cool! The vid/trailer we were visualizing is slowly coming to life. I swear it is way pretty. 

l-r me, Chloie and Twinkle

I saw a lot of familiar faces tonight hehe it was really nice. Anyhoo, the rain was what made the run fun. There were some areas that were so dark that we came thisclose to peeing. There was also this creeptastic construction area that had speakers to play scary background music and scattered huge cans that were on fire. All of this we saw while it was pouring huhu. 

The zombies. Oh dear lawd the zombies' appearance have DEFINITELY improved!! Some were just downright hideous (that is a compliment).

- There was this one zombie cheerleader that was all slightly chill when we encountered her. We got away from her and was preparing for the next when all of a sudden we heard this blood curdling scream behind us. Lo and behold cheerleader zombie was running towards us!!

- I was trying to get past this zombie when this guy almost knocked me down. You know what the zombie near me did? He grabbed hold of my arm and steadied me, he even said sorry! Ahhhh cute cute zombie.

- We were at a very dark area when we saw this old man with an umbrella coming from the opposite direction. I tried to avoid him thinking he was out to get my flag...but when he got closer we saw that he was.just an old guy going out for a stroll amidst a zombie infected area.

- The race track was sort of like a huge U-turn so you could see those going the opposite of your direction. Twinkle and I were just talking and wondering if the zombies were allowed to crossover when this zombie turns around and starts going over to our side! I was all 'Twinkle!!!' and then I ran. I looked beside me though when I heard a noise and ta-da the zombie was running alongside me HAHA. I love him because he didn't try to swipe my flags hehe!

We didn't see much people in costumes tho and that was a bit of a bummer since I expected it to be like a huge halloween costume party. We did see a couple of Spartans, Alice in Wonderland and heaps of people in pajamas!

After the run, I found out that my race bib got so wet and decided to get lost. I was seriously worried that I wouldn't get my loot bag. I was directed to this table engulfed in a sea of people who also lost their race bibs. After 67 years, I finally was able to write down my name and other info. We went to the loot bag section and the girl behind the counter wouldn't give me my own bag! She kept saying that I needed to a staff member. I talked to 2 different guys in yellow shirts and they told me the same thing: to get my loot bag since they already talked to me and all. I finally got tired and after exploring a bit, went to a different booth and tried my luck, the woman pointed me to the other booth since they didn't have small sized shirts there. I went to this booth and FINALLY got my loot bag yay!

We went to Mercato, ate for a while and was heading back to our car when...I bumped into Mikee!! AHHH I MISSED THIS GIRL SO MUCH!! The last time I saw her was like during my birthday thingy back in our Freshman year huhu. We seriously need to do some serious catching up! 

Hi, My Name is Gab

It was quite a lovely day earlier and I stayed holed up in my room trying to learn about Baroque architecture, Minoan civilization and other stuff for our upcoming exams this week. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts of making my window's screen invisible with my mind, I finally got up, went outside and took pictures. I took a lot of pictures of the birds outside and the plants too. I feel very......earthy.

the very girly things outside my window

the last time i took a picture of our battered washing machine was with my film cam, now that i took it with a digital one it looks very sad and very lonely as opposed to the very vintage and ~cool~ vibe that it gave off when i used my film cam

perry's face when i told him bella cheated on edward

if i were to become a motivational poster designer id put a text saying 'fly high!' HAHAHAHA

im a cliche

a quick doodle i made of pentatonix. i still havent gotten around posting an entry about my love for them simply because i still cant think of how to organize my thoughts. if i were to try writing about them now, it would be a series of exclamation points, omg's and a ton of 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh's

i was tryna draw a person but then it went badly so i turned it into a cat thingy

my project to do list from hell

July 27, 2012

Art Smart: Saliva Bubbles

I've always been a fan of Julia Randall's works. The way she makes the lips look that realistic is so ridiculous. At first glance, I thought they were photographs! I'm such a sucker for hyper realists so it's really no surprise that I go gaga for Julia Randall. As you guys can see, the lips seem to be doing the whole saliva bubble thingy. Hihi I used to do this whenever I'd cry as a kid. The most vivid memory I have of doing this is when I was around 3 or 4. I'd wake up at around 9am all alone save for our housekeeper since my parents would be working and my sister would be at school. I'd go sit at the top of the stairs and just bawl my eyes out while calling out to my mum. Whenever I'd say 'mama' a bubble would for from my saliva then I'd get distracted by it and eventually stop crying hehehehe.

July 22, 2012


cartimar cutie
1. i really like art
2. there are some songs that can seriously bring me to tears and make me feel like the world is such a pure pure place
3. reading about the 7 arts (architecture, painting, sculpting, theatre, music, dance, literature) turns me into a giddy mess
4. i look like im micro-nodding when i sing
5. im dying to host a tea party
6. i used to dream of becoming a news caster since i always thought being one would give me just the right amount of fame i needed and wanted while still doing what i enjoyed
7. i find foreigners verrrrry fascinating
8. i __ zombies. there are no words to describe how much i love anything related to them
9. i like that feeling i get whenever id see a journal or diary at a bookstore, open it and see that the pages inside arent ruled its like God is saying 'hey heres a pretty notebook for you'
10. i wanna go hiking
11. i like to look at fancy schmancy paint sets
12. dyingggggg to explore manila 

July 20, 2012

T. O. Y. S: Totally O-some Youthful Stuff

I finally satisfied my craving to buy toys today yay. I went to the mall all by lonesome right after classes were cut at 12 noon. I dawdled a bit and did a lot of coveting at book sale and made my way to National Bookstore. After being shocked at how pricey balloons are these days and being embarrassed because I almost bought a pack of balloons which I thought was only for P37 but turned out to be P37 A PIECE, I headed to Toys R Us hehe. I then ended up buying the 2 piece Trash Pack bin and decided as well to try out Moshi Monsters so I bought one pack hihi.

I was so bummed to see that I got another Awful Pie but AHHHH the Flesh-Eating Virus totally made up for it!!!

July 19, 2012

Ron English + Gab Tagalog

I fell in love again with Ron English's works last night while I was looking for something to put up in our bulletin board. I first saw his work when I bought myself Chris Brown's F.A.M.E album and got mesmerized by the richness and fullness and creaminess and over all niceness of the painting. His works are so witty and so vibrant that I can't help but wish that they'd be covers for Goosebumps. I had a few printed as well as some of my paintings and they're making me giddy just by looking at them!

Just a little update if you guys are interested hehe, school has been...........tiring. I really can't distinguish right now WHAT exactly has been causing my lack of sleep lately but all I know is that it's making me feel like such a hollow person or like a shell. And I mean that in a totally non-emo way. I just feel very light but not the good kind hmmmmm.. On the bright side, the abundance of absent teachers and vacant periods have been filled with childish games that have left us all wheezing for breath and very very very sweaty.

July 14, 2012


It's Sunday once again and I feel like I haven't really had my weekend yet. Another grueling week is ahead of us. Lately, for me, it's like every week's been hell week what with all the work load and such. Or maybe not hell week per se, more like my weeks just generally tire me. I'm hoping (I hope not against hope), that this coming week would pull me up from this horribly pubertial funk that I am in. 

Anyway, here are pictures from last Sunday's lunch which by far was the yummiest lunch hehe. I love tacos so whenever we'd have them for lunch or dinner, that meal automatically becomes a million times better. Add in this ridiculously and weirdly delicious pasta my mum made and ta-da I became a very very happy girl with a full stomach.

Blue Men Treat

Jazz, Russ and I went over to Pau's place today to work on our research proposal today. It was another item marked off my Manila LRT station adventure bucket list haha. Blumentritt was such a colorful place. I felt like I was in a foreign documentary or perhaps those action scenes wherein they have fast paced chases that more often than not lead to over turned fruit stands and slightly harassed by-standers.

We did listen to Pentatonix for a while, ate, worked on our paper and sort of just hung out. It just sucked that we were missing 2 of our members huhu.
Maybe you oughta have your eyes checked.........

The cutest dog in the whole wide world!!!!!

Ooooh gurl/z