July 27, 2012

Art Smart: Saliva Bubbles

I've always been a fan of Julia Randall's works. The way she makes the lips look that realistic is so ridiculous. At first glance, I thought they were photographs! I'm such a sucker for hyper realists so it's really no surprise that I go gaga for Julia Randall. As you guys can see, the lips seem to be doing the whole saliva bubble thingy. Hihi I used to do this whenever I'd cry as a kid. The most vivid memory I have of doing this is when I was around 3 or 4. I'd wake up at around 9am all alone save for our housekeeper since my parents would be working and my sister would be at school. I'd go sit at the top of the stairs and just bawl my eyes out while calling out to my mum. Whenever I'd say 'mama' a bubble would for from my saliva then I'd get distracted by it and eventually stop crying hehehehe.

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