July 5, 2012

The Departure of the Other Therese From the Teenage Years

My sister bid farewell to her teenage years today as she turned 20! It feels so surreal to know that she's done with that chapter of her life while I am at the very hormonal peak. I can't imagine just how weird it is for her to turn 20. We headed to Tito Chef right after school let out at 7pm. Sucks that we had our very very strenuous Physical Education class today and that basically I had over 12 hours worth of grime and sweat practically embedded in my skin and my clothes.

Pops asked me to take pictures of him while he tried out different facial expressions HAHAH

I am a very tired gorl hoho


Side parting he he he

Tito Chef. Ahhh the food was just divine. If I may say it in Spanish (what I learned in Spanish class okay), the food was de puta madre! Just by looking at the menu, I had a hard time deciding (and pronouncing) what to get! Our table had this view of the chef or Tito Chef while he was at work. Heehee it really felt like I was one of those lucky spectators on Hell's Kitchen whenever they'd have an opening. 

Pops told me to take a picture since he found it so cute HAHA

Calamari! Calamari never fails to remind me of  'calm yo tits' hmm

Cucumber + Lime mehehe felt so ~zen

Christmas colors wee

The interior design was flawless. The lighting was kickass and the entire place just oozed comfort and calmness. I wanted to live there or just be an adult with a stable job and would treat myself to a lovely night out while it drizzles outside he he.

I have no future in being a paparazzo hoho


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012

    keep on posting truly nice blogs...

  2. No longer the Ading brat of yesteryears but the the lovely Adz who is a delightful work in progress! My, have you grown in many ways! Congratulations on the blog and the clever quips! Keep blogging and keep me in the loop!


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