July 14, 2012

Blue Men Treat

Jazz, Russ and I went over to Pau's place today to work on our research proposal today. It was another item marked off my Manila LRT station adventure bucket list haha. Blumentritt was such a colorful place. I felt like I was in a foreign documentary or perhaps those action scenes wherein they have fast paced chases that more often than not lead to over turned fruit stands and slightly harassed by-standers.

We did listen to Pentatonix for a while, ate, worked on our paper and sort of just hung out. It just sucked that we were missing 2 of our members huhu.
Maybe you oughta have your eyes checked.........

The cutest dog in the whole wide world!!!!!

Ooooh gurl/z


  1. omg you were at Daine's house! I love their house, it's so pretty. and they have dogs. HAHAHAHA

    1. yeah!! i love their house and their dogs hihi so cute talaga haha


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