September 29, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012

The Philippine leg of the Adidas King of the Road thing for 2012 was held earlier at the BGC grounds. I finally left my comfort zone which was the 5k race and registered for the 10k one yipee. I honestly felt nervous because I was dead beat the day before since we had the Science Camp last Friday and just slept the entire Saturday off and I haven't run since the last Outbreak in BGC so I was wary that I might injure myself or something.

Didn't get to see my mum before her 16.8k run cos I was sleeping like a behbeh and just woke up right before mine started hehe

It felt really good to run again sans zombies. Running around BGC with the sun shining was a change since the last time I did run, I was super duper pumped and noisy and had zombies chasing after me and I was wearing an uber bright reflector thingy.   

Running without listening to music and just listening to your heartbeat and the sound of your breathing is so....nice. I felt so relaxed and like I was ~one with nature~. 

Had my rubber thingies changed yesterday to dark blue...for the Foundation Day on Tuesday hehe yay for ~school spirit

w/ mum hehe
While waiting in line for the goodie bag, I imagined I was in a fashion week thingy hehe and took pictures of muddy muddy running shoes. If you guys just knew how I narrated and described the shoes in my head, no doubt I'd lose a considerable amount of friends with how auti I was HAHA.

a floating head on right 

A hydrant because I feel.............very fresh and very relaxed and very stress-free hehe

September 23, 2012

Ang Mga Itlog

Jazz and I were not able to attend our Filipino class last Friday so we had the artifact as a homework instead. We were asked to write about an event in our childhood or something. At first, I found the task to be quite daunting and very boring since I haven't been feeling the drive to really write a good short story. Especially in Tagalog. But anyhoo, by some miracle, I had the intense urge to just write about it and so..I did.

I'm posting my artifact here since I'm not sure if Ma'am will really read it or will just tl;dr it so if she does the latter, I still get the consolation that somewhere in the world, a person that can read and understand Tagalog has read how...absent-minded I was as a kid. 

Pag iniisip ko ang aking kamusmusan, puro masasayang mga memorya lamang ang pumapasok sa utak ko. Ang pinakanatatandaan ko sa aking mga pinaggagagawa ay noong ako’y inutusan ng aking nanay na bumili ng itlog. Tandang-tanda ko pa na sinabi niya, “Bilisan mo lang anak dahil gutom na tayo.” Ako’y nag mala-sundalo bitbit-bitbit ang perang kanyang ibinigay na pera at nagtungo sa tindahan.
Ang nakalimutan kong sabihin ay, ako’y napakakulit at napakagalang bata. Ako’y madalas na nakikita sa labas ng aming bahay suot-suot lamang ang aking panty at masikip na sando. Lagi akong naihahambing kay Michelin dahil sa mga nagsisiksikan kong mga taba. Mahilig ako makipaglaro dati kung kaya’t paglabas ko ng bahay at sinalubong ako ng aking mga kalaro, para narin akong ginawang matakaw na bata na nasa kusina.
Naglakad ako ng mabagal papunta sa bilihan ng itlog. Dahan-dahang dumidikit sa gilid o sa mga bangketa upang di ako mapansin ng aking mga kaibigan at nang hindi ako maisali sa kanilang napakagandang laro ng patintero. Paulit-ulit sa aking isipan ang, ‘gusto ko na kumain, kailangan ng itlog para kumain, bibili ako ng itlog dahil gusto ko na kumain’. Sa awa ng Diyos, nakarating ako sa maaliwalas na bahay na siyang tindahan ni Mang Donnie. Matagumpay kong nabili ang mga itlog at matapos makipagkwentuhan at titigan ang masasarap na nakabalandrang pagkaing kanyang binebenta, ako’y madamdaming nagtungo papunta sa aming bahay.
Kung ako’y nahirapan noong papunta, hindi ko na mailarawan ang aking pabalik sa bahay. Hindi ako nakapag-isip ng maayos dahil nasa isip ko na ang mga masasarap na pagkain sa tindahan ni Mang Donne, kaya ako’y nasugod ng aking mga nagpapawisang mga kalaro. Sa kasamaang palad, hindi ko nakapagtiis at sumali sa kanilang mainit na laban ng patintero.
Umuwi ako ng bahay na may napakalaking ngiti sa aking mukha sapagkat ang pangkat ko ang nanalo. Tila naglalakad ako sa isang bahaghari sa sobrang saya nang biglang may narinig ako sa likod ko na pumigil ng hininga sa sobrang gulat. Nakita ko ang nanay ko na naglalakihan ang mga mata.
“Ano nangyari.......’, ang kanyang sinabi. Kung posible, lumaki lalo ang aking ngiti at ako’y magsisimula na sana sa aking mala-epiko na pagkukuwento ng aking pagkapanalo nang siya’y nagsalita muli.
“ mga itlog?! Bakit basag basag na ‘yan?!’ 

Aaaaaaaaaand if you did not find that funny or at the very least, cute, shame on you..................just kidding. I google-translated it but it seems the translated version just became another source of lulz for me HAHA.

're Thinking of my childhood, just pure fun memory enters my mind. The strongest on my pinaggagagawa was when I ordered my mother to buy eggs. Well do I remember that he said, "Available only to children because we are hungry." Quasi-soldiers I carried you, carried the money he gave her money and went to the store.

I forgot to say, I napakakulit and suave young. I often see outside of our house wearing only wearing my panty and tight shirt. I always compares with Michelin because I huddled fat. I love to play before so I exit the house and I met my pal, I did narin greedy for kids in the kitchen.

I walked slowly into the egg sandwich. Gently stuck on the side or on the sidewalk lest I noticed my friend and when I could not be part of their beautiful game patintero. Over and over in my mind, 'I want to eat, you need to eat eggs, I buy eggs because I like to eat'. In the mercy of God, I did cozy house which stores Mang Donnie. I successfully sold the eggs and after makipagkwentuhan and pore delicious food nakabalandrang its sale, I went into our emotional home.

If I had difficulty in going, I can not describe my back home. I am not able to think properly because in my mind that delicious food stores Mang Donne, so I nasugod nagpapawisang my pal. Unfortunately, I can not endure and join their hot against patintero.

I returned home with a huge smile on my face because my team won. It seems I'm walking on a rainbow super fun when suddenly I heard behind me to prevent excessive breath panic. I saw my mother that naglalakihan the eyes.

"What happened to .......", she said. If possible, increasing my smile and I would begin my quasi-epic storytelling of my victory when he spoke again.

"........ The eggs?! Why broken broken 'yan?!'

God bless, google translate!!!!!!

September 18, 2012

Cliffs of Moher

Lately, I've been exerting much effort in my artifacts since I know that I'm not very eloquent in Tagalog so I try to make up for my lack of skill through the designs yay. We were asked for our 4th artifact in Filipino to think of our own version of paradise and to illustrate it. I thought of a handful places that could be my sanctuary here on earth and finally settled on the majestic Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

I have always dreamt of having a very intimate wedding right on those cliffs with the wind blowing through my gown and my hair while an ensemble of posh cellists and violinists and other string-y instruments play in the background heehee. I imagine it to be very Irish and very...epic. On the other hand, if that doesn't happen, I can change the whole thing and I'd picture myself on top of a very beautiful horse, still on the cliffs mind you, and I'd be very medieval and stuff wee. It'd be my 'before-the-war-against-a-million-soldiers-so-its-practically-a-suicide-mission' scene.

Didn't really plan on blogging about this but ever since my sister told me that my laptop has a slot thingy for the memory card, I've been taking pictures like crazy and immediately transferring them to my laptop hehe. It's so hassle free compared to my method before which was to take pictures, get my mum's laptop, transfer the files there then either put the files in a usb or post an entry using mi mami's lappytoppy.

Princess (Adz) Diaries #1

Here is another entry from my very pubertial, very weird and very old livejournal account:

I lost my iPod yesterday. Well, someone stole it from me while riding the bus. There were two guys ahead of my keeper and I. The row before us to be exact. The fat guy kept on staring at me so I just ignored him and got my iPod out. I dozed off since it was an hour trip and I woke up to my keeper shoving me cos our stop was near. So I took off my iPod, placed it inside the pocket of my backpack and removed my jacket. My keeper went ahead of me and I couldn't squeeze through the oddly tight aisle of the two guys. After 30-60 seconds, it suddenly was wide and I was kind of pushed off. Annnnd! I only found out last night because I was supposed to sync my iPod cos I dloaded new songs from Pmore. Gah. Yeah, my mum found me crying and clawing my hair out.

I was also chosen to be part of the t-shirt/poster design contest for the fair on December 3. Bleh. I was pulled out from class at 10: 30 and I finished at 3: 30. Ate lunch care of my adviser at 1:50 and only got to eat a Jamaican patty. So so so sad. I hope I win though. I worked pretty hard for it.

SATURDAY CLASS! During our Christian Doctrine class, we talked about giving up our 'flags' to our future husbands. LOL. And we talked about some tv show where a 14 year old girl is impregnated by a 16 year old dild0. Bleh. The guy's name was Gabby so yeah, they were mad at me cos 'I' was a jerk to the girl. Lol.

Last, I'll watch Jabbawockeez later! Yay. Hahaha. And my parents might buy me a new ipod. My fingers are crossed. Hope yours are too.

September 16, 2012

Princess Adz

When I was younger and I was asked what I wanted for my email address, 'gorgeousgab' came to mind. I wanted it cos 1) hooray for alliterations and 2) I was very proud of my vocabulary. What stopped me from doing so however, was my poor skills in spelling. I couldn't spell gorgeous correctly all the time because my 7 year old brain couldn't grasp the fact that 3 vowels were allowed to sit beside each other. 

Anyhoo, I opted for 'princessadz16' because I wanted to be a princess (kinda) and my birthday's on the 16th heehee. So it stuck and when the time came for me to make a multiply account as well, I did not hesitate to use it as my url. I'm telling you this because I bought a pretty neat tiara from the mall yesterday. It was only for P34 pesos minus 10% because of the 3-Day sale yay. 

I had a mini coronation inside the car and that reminded me of how weird I was back in my 'multiply days' tho I'm sure people still find me quite weird up to now huhu hehe. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but here are some of my blog/journal entries in my old multiply account HAHA.

Jul 24, '09 4:25 AM
for gab's contacts
alright. i won hurrrrrray! but, demit. nine inch nails will be here on august 5 and i canut go cos im reserving me money. dem it dem you. its supposed to be their final concert. gadddddddemit! oh, and im also happy cos 'sigh''s getting lots of responses from fangirls. gotta love em fangirls. gah. nine freaking inch freaking nails. GADEMIT.

Jul 9, '09 5:59 AM
for gab's contacts
cccccclub day! whooo. little blue is one thexy mofo. i'm exhausted cos of a journal. dem. *drinuh, the bearer of bad news, was dur. helloooo.

'bout the panic thing, saw the blogs and stuff. i bloggggggged about it. gah. bden and spencer sitting in a tree. gah. sorry. bye.

Jun 24, '09 8:41 AM
for gab's contacts

Just took an Epilepsy test online. =)))) Gaaaaaaah, so faaaaany.

Let's still be friends?

September 15, 2012

The Most Beautiful Ukay Spot In The World

I wrote a haiku about the best ukay ukay spot in the world. It goes like this:
The best ukay spot,
Wag-wag is where it is at,
I wanna live there

I apologize if my heartfelt haiku brought you to tears HAHA joke. How can I begin to describe the place? Ahh it's on the side of the road. It looks pretty normal but when you get inside it's like you got warped into another dimension or like how I imagined a gypsy bazaar would be like. It was messy, but it just added to the beauty of it. Imagine there are 2 sides filled with thrift stuff then there's this cave thingy at the far end and when you enter it...ta-da! A buttload of ukay stalls still! It seriously overwhelmed me. 


It was my first time to be in an ukay ukay that sold toys and books and board games and cds huhu

The place smelled like fried fish/sinigang which was so cool cos it made feel all patriotic and not to mention very very hungry hehe. 

There was this very tumblr-girl-cult-y shirt that really piqued my interest. It was in good condition and it had like fresco paintings all around and it had Jesus in the middle and it was sequins-y and yeah and yeah and yeah.

I cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot wait to go back there!! 


Greetings! I am now back from the dead yay. This week has been stressful yadda yadda and to end our week, (omg I just realized why weekends are called weekends, because they end the week wow) we went to our grandparents' place in Pangasinan for my grandpa's birthday. We stopped for a while and ate at SM Rosales and lo and behold, they we're in the middle of their 3-Day Sale woopieeee.

We went back to the car after a quick shop and headed to Mapandan. What I love the most about road trips are the super funny auti moments my sister and I always have in the back seat of the car haha. I think our parents' ears got way abused hehe. 

Panda(y) the uber snobby dog was there 

Chelo. All along we thought her name was Chona HAHA

My sister dubbed thee as the 'invisible sneaky man'
I originally planned on spending my Saturday with my packed canvases and paints. I imagined myself basking in the fresh breeze and being one with nature and all that but instead I ended up freaking myself out by having an American Horror Story marathon hehe. Seriously, how could I miss the beauty of that show? I'm so addicted to it right now huhu but I did feel stupid for watching it the entire day when night time came and had me all paranoid and jumpy hihi.

The house behind me is supposedly haunted HAHA
Around 5 in the afternoon, I had this strong urge to indulge in sweets. I became Pregger Gab with my cravings hehe. So we went to town to satisfy our cravings. My cupcake craving, my sister's ukay ukay craving and my mum's church craving. 

After offering candles in the church, we looked for the ukay ukay place around town. And my my my did that ukay place put all the other ukay places I've been to here in Manila to shame. I swear, it was the most amazing place in the entire ukay-verse. 

P.S. I did not get the chance to eat a cupcake :(