September 1, 2012


My niece, Feliz, asked if she could play with my Bratz dolls. I unearthed my super old Bratz brief case thingy and got so nostalgic when I realized my first ever doll, Chloe, turned 11 years old last March. It's like she's supposed to be in the 5th grade now....she's even older than my niece!

Feliz is very happy

My tokyo Jade

Dress made from my dad's old sock  HEHE
My stud muffin

I went through the whole I wanna be a fashion designer phase and this is what's left of my old projects. The top is actually my dad's old sock hehehehehe

This is my 'best' doll. In this state, it's the most preserved hehe

My poor poor Chloe doll. I got this as a Recognition day gift from my parents back when I was in nursery hihi. I remember going straight to the mall after the ceremony to buy this! This is my 11 year old baby HEHE

Her hurrr

Zayn Malik

Hair hair hair






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  2. Oh my gosh, I used to love Bratz when I was little! I got rid of all of mine, but I had eight in total. I remember my first one was the "Night Out" Yasmine. Thank you for this lovely little burst of nostalgia. <3

  3. I used to LOVE those dolls, me and my sister played with them for afternoons! They were so off and innovative at the time they appeared, they were so diffrent from barbie....
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  4. Memories! If I were my 7-year-old self, I would've envied you soooo much. Lol, nice pictures, Gab!


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