March 31, 2013


Let us take a moment to sit back, bask in the hot hot summer heat, listen to the steady drone of the electric fan no doubt trained on you or the hum of the air conditioning unit and appreciate the beauty of the Dark Continent otherwise known as Africa. 

Colored pencils on an index card hehe I went on a spontaneous room cleaning spree last night and decided to let my paints rest by keeping them inside a box underneath my desk. Since I had the urge to do something fartsy earlier, instead of creating a huge mess, I made a smaller mess by using colored pencils. It's been such a long time since I last used them and it feels weird but at the same time oh so nice, I'll surely use them more often now!
On another note.................................
Did you know that African elephants are the largest living land animals? Now you know! 
Africa has been dubbed as the Dark Continent since at the time that the dubbing was taking place, it had yet to be explored thoroughly by..explorers. I was planning on bombarding you guys with a buttload of facts but then after wracking my brain for anything juicy that I learned from my Social Studies class, I couldn't come up with anything hehe.

I love Africa; the wildlife, the culture, the people and especially their music. I am such a sucker for songs that have strong drum beats or whatever you call them. I actually cannot bring myself to call the music from that continent, songs because the word 'song' seems so flimsy and that it's simply not enough to name such wonderful sounds. I'm really having a hard time translating what I feel whenever I hear something African-y into words, all I know is that for me it is pure eargasm especially when I hear the very low bass notes being hit and then all of a sudden a chorus of girl voices go on top and then LALALA I'm drowning in warmth because of the sounds hehehe. 

Here are just the gems I unearthed on youtube that urged me to write (and draw) about Africa! I hope you guys like them :D



Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥