March 19, 2013

20 Questions

The CineFilipino was quite successful! We spent the half day we were required to be in school cooped up in the little theatre just watching the films made by the participants. Our entry, 20 Questions, won the following awards: 
-Best Screenplay
-Best Actress

Jigs and Yumi keepin it real

Lawrence as Jigs, Twinkle as our Golden director and me as Yumi hehe it rhymed 
Working on this movie was such a weird experience. We all thought that the submissions for the film was on the 14th but it turned out to be a week earlier and with only one scene shot (Prom scene) and dozen other scenes still left to shoot, we 1) praised the gods that March 5 was declared a half-day for us 2) went to my house the afternoon of March 5 and shot scenes til the evening 3) Jazz, Twinkle, Nona, Maqui and I had a slumber party and shot the abortion scenes annnnnnnnd 4) finished everything the next day, March 6!

It was such a tiring yet fulfilling escapade!! Lawrence was a very good sport and his chinky eyes were really made to be called bedroom eyes cos they always looked sleepy HEHE joke. If it weren't for Lawrence, I'm sure we would've dozed off already and some of the comedic scenes in the film would not be here today if it weren't for him and his offbeat humor hehe. And most importantly, this would've been a crappy film if it wasn't for Twinkle's skills and talent and overall taray-ness!! Our director/camerawoman/editor/acting coach is seriously a gold mine and I'm sure she'll make a name for herself in the future :D :D

We wouldn't have had the amazing opportunity to work on the film if it weren't for the Filipino department and their idea of a film festival. Our deepest gratitude to the people of III-Calvin, Diego, Ms. Fuentes, Mang Eli and his supply of Cobra and last but not the least, Mr. Juan Ekis for his wonderful wonderful wonderful one-act play, 20 Questions!

For those of you who were not able to catch it (I understand since it WAS the first film to be played huhu), here's 20 Questions ni Juan Ekis.


Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥