January 27, 2013

Revisiting The Most Beautiful Ukay Spot in the World

A few hours after GOLD, my family and I dragged our sleepy buts to our car and headed to Pangasinan for my grandmother's, uncle's, nephew's, cousin's and dad's birthday celebration. After getting a measly 2 hour slumber in the comfort of my own bed, it was no surprise that my sister and I slept throughout the 4 hour trip.  We were greeted by warm smiles and this beautiful piece of work.

To kill time, we went to the amazing Wagwag ukay ukay but and on the way we passed by this uber provincial/scenic view of the tobacco plantation and so we took pictures of it and the kind man tending it.

Going back to The Most Beautiful Ukay Spot in the World felt like a homecoming of some sort hihi. The first stall thingy we went to had a huge pile of clothes that were only for P5 each!! Now that we had a lot of time on our hands unlike the last time we went there, we definitely scoured the place for treasures and boy did we find them!

This shirt has been on my mind since we last visited and when I finally made up my mind (with the help of my friends) that it isn't sacrilegious, I asked for its price and found out it wasn't for sale HUHUHU turns out the shirt was acting as their protector to ward off business bad luck 

Drama mama photo
Unlike the last time we were in the area, we got the chance to explore other neighboring ukay ukay places! The other's aren't like the huge one that we love but they were good in their own ways. 

Shady looking Winnie the Pooh costume hehehehe



We came back after eating at a carinderia on the side of the road hehe and played with the fluffy dogs at home.

Just some colorful brooms hihi


I bought an ice-skating dress I dont know why but it was only for P50

Velvet sweater for P50 again HAHAHAHA
 AND FINALLY!! I bought a Harry Potter sweater for yep you guessed it only P50!!! HAHAHA I really really really really love ukays <3 .="" p="">

January 26, 2013


Last Friday Night......................is a song by Katy Perry heheheheeeeeeheeehheeheh joke. Last January 25th, which was a Friday, we had the Golden Ball, a party tribute countdown thingy for Masci's 50th birthday this coming October. My dreams of wearing a gown that looked like this were squashed because of the theme huhu. Nonetheless, I still liked my gown even though it made me feel very..oriental.

mi gown by Maureen Clemente hehe
The interior was really really nice and Sir Bonifacio's skills were once again praised because of the amazingly styrofoam thingies that he made for the event which were plastered onstage.

Bea and Nath being sweet as sweet things

Us Watergirls had plans of doing what we do best, which is to try and be feminists hemhemhem but alas we succumbed to the intoxicating influences of our pubertial minds and became super mega ultra uber girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Callado doing his Callado thing

Pretty pretty gurlz!

Birhday girl hihi

This photo reminds me of Mt. Rushmore huhu 

CHURRO GURLZ HEHE looking like the flag of France or something 


The lovely lovely emcees hehe love you guys

Hands down the best academic group I've ever been a part of mwahugz to you guys

Calvin with Michael V

Hi Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We aren't that close but I bet we would've been auti together. Churros deliciosos!

Gold was perfect in its imperfections. It not only made my love for my batch grow 490750947 times but I also now have a deeper appreciation for Batch 2013. It made me love my friends to the highest level conceivable and it gave us the chance to have our dream formal party like the ones we see in movies. Not to sound like I've won an Emmy or something but I just wanted to say thank you to my family, their support was really something and it made me feel super duper loved, to Cheesecake, 1-7, Watergirls, SS Group and Calvin for being super fun and auti and adorable and to the people I danced with for making me feel gay as can be and the alumni and the parents for making it all possible hehe. Gold was splendid. Gold was amazing. Gold was memorable. Gold was Gold. Yay here's to Masci's Golden year!!!!

January 18, 2013

I Fink They Freeky and I Like Them a Lot

Yesterday, the Journalism students of our batch were pulled out since we had to have the elimination for the upcoming city-wide journalism contest. We were asked to try out for 2 categories and since I am nearly clueless when it comes to journalism, I chose Feature writing. In this category, we had to write a personality sketch about anyone. This really stumped me. Who would I write about? I asked myself who my favorite person was but I came up with a blank. I was gonna settle for Leonardo da Vinci when it hit me that I should write about Die Antwoord.

Yo-Landi says hi
And now since I've missed blogging, I decided to write about the duo because I really like them and..maybe you guys might like them too weee!!

I first heard about Die Antwoord a few years ago while I was looking for a new artists I could get addicted to. I watched a video of theirs and I totally got creeped out so I immediately crossed them off my list but just this year I saw someone make a post about them saying that they TOO were scared of the duo before but after watching Fatty Boom Boom, their views apparently changed. And since I had nothing better to do, I checked out Fatty Boom Boom as well and..........fell in like with Die Antwoord. The first time I watched the video I was all yeah no I still don't like them. But I couldn't stop hitting the replay button and I couldn't stop thinking and talking about them and so after a while, I got hooked huhu.

The tandem is composed of Ninja, a tall gangly guy with tons of tattoos and a very sick imagination. He came up with the costumes and almost everything about Fatty Boom Boom and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, is his very mischievous sprite-like spouse. They perform with the ever mysterious DJ HI-TEK who never shows his face even when he's topless already, he has to have a mask on. 

Their style is as functional as their name. Their South African alias, Die Antwoord, sounds so foreign and mystical and so voodoo voodoo-y. While the translation of their name, The Answer, is what they really are. The Answer to the music industry's dilemma which is the lack of freshness. Ninja was interviewed before and asked about his previous rap groups and he said that he dabbled on various groups since he was looking for something and that somethaaaang turned out to be Die Antwoord hihi. 

Voodoo voodoo voodoo roooom
After watching their behind the scenes video, I saw that they're just very weird and equally artistic people and I really like that hehe.