October 28, 2012

Salted Caramel Macarons!

I tried my hand in making macarons today! I finished all the things due for tomorrow and decided to bake. I thought it'll only take me about an hour or so but boy did it take up my entire afternoon. I really planned on making macarons since I've been itching to use the turquoise food coloring I bought on my last trip to the baking shop. We finally bought a bag of almond  meal and I was set to go.

I've heard a lot of people say that making macarons is such a tricky thing and I've always been all mehhh about it. I originally was just going to make plain macarons then I'd wing the filling but after my sister told me to make salted caramel ones, I googled an easy recipe and voila I did it.

Separating egg whites from egg yolks is so fun

They say that the key to making perfect macarons is to follow directions perfectly. So I pulled out on all the stops and used a weighing scale and a blender and used different bowls for each ingredient hehe. It made me feel like I was in a cooking show hihi.

Beating the eggs and sugar made my arm hurt. So. Mucho.

Perry derping and keeping me company

Food coloring/flavoring stash

I had to manually stir in the almond meal + icing sugar mixture into the egg whites and sugar thing plus the food coloring huhu

Ooh la la

The stupid icing bag and my stupid pock mark

I love stubborn batter that would not and could not be scooped anymore wee o wee
I wuv it

Happy halloweenieeeeeeee
I had such a hard time with the icing bag since the hole was too small. I also burned an entire tray since apparently the fire was too hot huhu. I seriously thought the entire macaron thing would be a failure but..it wasn't!!! The two remaining trays were a-okay. They were failures but they were mine joke what HAHA. They din't achieve the whole swollen thingy and they were flat but they were so goooooooooooood.

They tasted like honey stars and tikoy and suman and like salted caramel! It was so cool since I thought the recipe I used was a dud since there weren't any salt in the ingredients but I realized that the saltiness came from the butter frosting ahhhhh. It's really good tho it's such a shame I was only able to make a few. Oh well hehe. 

Yay for masci classroom green macarons

I'll make it a point to perfect this in the coming months hehe so I can be all regal and eat mah macarons and drink tea and behead people.....................................................

recipe source

October 27, 2012

Art Smart: Halloween Train

It's been like a million years since I last posted an Art Smart. But now I'm back with the Japanese Chooo San! She uses acrylic paint to well paint  very disturbing pieces on bodies. I stumbled upon her works while looking for halloween costume ideas online and I must say I'm very glad I did. Her paintings are so realistic and so whack and so very very very disturbing...perfect for halloweenieee!!

October 26, 2012

Oh My Gouache

I finally had a free chill day this sembreak and I spent it by painting, doing my homework, lounging and playing with our doggies. I also realized that I resort to painting eye-less faces when I'm painting just for fun.






Check out this holy shot wee o wee o wee o wee
Sembreak is nearing its end and DST is fast approaching. The wind is getting crisper and colder by the day. Only a few weeks left til we start singing carols hehe. This is why I love the ber months.

October 24, 2012

Churro Gurlz

For our group in our English class, we were asked to group ourselves on the first week of classes and we were told that it'd be permanent, we were also asked to pick a name for our group. This was the birth of the Mexican Churros. Fast forward to a couple of weeks or so, the 'churro girls' was formed. Last night, Jazz and Twinkle came over to my house so we could hang out and pig out hehe. 

Jazz, Twinkle, me
 Jazz has always dreamed of cooking a meal together so we made her dream come true and whipped up a batch of mean baked mac late in the evening + a batch of red velvet cupcakes hehe.

Don't mess with Twinkle

Jazz with her onions HAHA

We took this photo just to see if it was already brown or not HAHAHEHEHOHO


The baked mac was just........................heavenly!!! Huhuhu it tasted so good and the mushroom soup could seriously be tasted and it was just a party in our tummy tums. We finished the entire rectangle pyrex thingy hehe and after a while, we watched Cannibal Holocaust..

Cannibal Holocaust was disturbing. Seriously, don't watch it unless you want to feel like you wanna scrub your brain clean or you want to go to hell for watching such an evil movie huhu. I might be exaggerating but that movie was really sick. It had real dying animals everywhere and lots of rape and violence. After watching it, Twinkle and I had to fill our minds with happy thoughts. Thank you youtube for providing the happy thoughts hihi. Twinkle and I talked for a while and had fun with a sleep-talking Jazz and talked again and laughed and talked and we finally slept woo.

I really had a blast last night. Even though, it is by far the most rushed sleepover I've ever had, it's still one for the books hehe.