October 10, 2012

Trains For May, Shaun

Hi. Today is the 4th day of my ~isolation huzzzzzah. I have done nothing but sing High School Musical songs, watch the very very educational Ancients Behaving Badly series on youtube, eat like some huge mammal (I was gonna say Mammoth but I'm not really sure if the silent beasts have huge appetites or not heh) and try not to pick my scabs. I read a comic book today, finished 4 episodes of American Horror Story yesterday making me excited for the second season, started on my projects and earlier, I challenged myself a series of speed..drawing/painting. I gave myself 30 minutes per set and after that, I wouldn't touch up or fix anything anymore. 

By the way, I am seriously loving my Prang watercolor set now. I've decided to let my Winsor and Newton pocket set rest for a while since I'm running very low on the red and I made the mistake of using the mixing pallet for acrylic and now it's all crusty in a bad way and I haven't felt like cleaning it yet hehe. So I've been using Prang for a while and...I'm loving it hehe. Now that I look at it, they've got a lot in common and their differences seem to be trivial. It's just that my Prang set is bigger and has fewer colors and attracts ants. Other than that, they're quite alike. 

mang boi's left eye. i just made up mang boi

half person/half cat


Staying at home, surrounded by the peace that comes with a near empty house, has done something to my artistic soul. The serenity that I am feeling has touched my heart, entered my brain and is now running freely through my veins. I am slowly but surely turning into..................................................a fossil.

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