October 3, 2012

MaSci @ 49

We had our 49th Foundation Day last October 2, 2012. It was such a busy busy day for everyone. The day started off with a mass and after that, the preparations were made for the field demonstrations. 

Jazz, sir Apostol and Chloe

The Sopranos!

The Altos & Tenors and JB right in the middle

Our principal and the guest of honor

The chorale hehe

I think this year's performances were the most rushed since we only had a few weeks to prepare for them. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed our sports theme. Even though I'm not the most graceful dancer (if I can even be considered a dancer HEHE) I loved every second of it. Especially the last part wherein we joined the Oppa Gangnam Style craze hehe.

After dancing and locating my mum and dad and getting the camera from them and bumping into Charles telling us that our food has arrived and that he needs people to help him carry the food upstairs to our homeroom and after changing into our clothes, we took lotsa photos and videos hehe.

Erik, me, Dana

Russ 'Calvin' Mangalino

@danaidiot, @matthewidiot, @kurtidiot, @lawrenceidiot, @erikidiot

with teh giantsssssssssssssss

1-7 because because HAHA then 7-1


churro gurlzzzzzzzz
After making a ton of punching videos in front of our homeroom, we went down to be with the civilized world.

Bumped into one of the many cosplayers for the Nihongo club's booth

Jail booth setting up
Bouncers 4 lyf

The people seriously panicked whenever an announcement from the jail booth would be well...announced. It was so fun to see everyone scrambling to do whatever it takes to get away from the mean green and scary bouncers hehe.

~gift of a friend~

Hannah downing the punishment shot from the jail booth!
cheesecake yay
Nath had his yoga photoshoot after a 7th grader spilled some water on his brand spanking new shoes. This all happened after we paid the torture booth a visit towing Chloe and Jess along with us.

'Reaching sun pose'
'doggy pose'

Jess with the 7th grader Jess


Dana so happy
The jail booth people were gonna take in the guys who were not baring their tummy tums hihi

A lot of people got wet because of the Batis ng Diwa thing by the Math Club wherein you can pay people to pour water all over anyone
No foundation day would ever be complete without this HAHAHA
Graduated Einstein peopleseses!!
Had a very very surprising experience while I was at the YAG exhibit.

Please don't eat me Amiel
Indie film oyea

We had to pack up and clean up to make way for the Jam Fest. It blew that we didn't have a representative for our batch but the other bands from the different batches that I got to watch before I went home were pretty cool anyway haha.

Ever cute and glamorous and marvelous and adorable Diana and Maiah!

cream j
Nona the proud gurl

Watergirls!!!!!!!!!! <3 a="a" chloe="chloe" diana="diana" href="http://biancafabia.blogspot.com" me="me">Bianca
me, Maiah the real life Pucca girl, Chloe the chinky girl, Diana the TJ girl and Bianca the can i have your height girl

MAPEH teachers having fun yay
with Robyn!

This year's celebration has been cool. It was definitely the best I've had yet. The stressful days leading up to it are definitely quite worth it, all the efforts exerted have been paid off with the funny moments and the ~bonding~ with friends hehe. My insides are really itching for next year's celebration since it'd be the 50th (duh). I hope it'd be a foundation week for us hihi and that things would be bongga-er hehe. Over all, it was absolutely fun. I had a good time, you had a good time, he had a good time, she had a good time, they had a good time, we had a good time. Happy 49th, MaSci!!!

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