October 23, 2012


i want to be a baker in france or italy or somewhere cobblestone-y. i'd have a quaint bake shop tucked in the nooks and crannies in the heart of the city but each morning, i'd wake up at an ungodly hour, brush my hair a bit, freshen up and ride my bike with the basket in front or my vespa still with a basket in front to the local market. there i'd greet my suki (loyal supplier), 'bonjour gustav'; 'ciao fabio'. gustav or fabio will then give me the freshest ingredients and i'd load them up on my basket and i'll ride away and open my shop. inside the kitchen, i'd prepare the ingredients for the day and after prepping, my sous chef would/confidant/assistant/successor would arrive and then i'd go for a quick jog around the eiffel tower or the leaning tower of pisa or something and after that i'd take a quick shower and i'd start baking all fresh and squeaky clean. 

on long weekends, i'd close the shop or have my assistant man it. i would drive to the countryside and ta-da go to my rest house/cabin. i'd paint and be one with nature while doing yoga at sunrise. before the long weekend comes to a halt, i'd hang my new painting on the wall of my shop. my most loyal customers would then look and say 'ahhh bonjour mademoiselle gab, new painting, yeah?' then i'd nod and he/she would say 'ahhh noice'. sometimes, i'd volunteer for the local theatre group and help in creating the sets and the costumes. ahhh dreamz

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