October 6, 2012

The Magic Wall of Great Lighting (and Amazing Ventilation)

Once upon a time, 2 loveless adolescents from the oriental and indie regions stumbled upon a secret haven. This sanctuary was located in the heart of their learning facility where the Filipino Rada runs amok. In this place, an odd sense of tranquility can be felt and experienced. The soft rays of the sun together with the gentle breeze coming from the hidden garden beside it make an amazing tandem. A tandem which only aims to put anyone to sleep like a lullaby does to a baby. 

The 2 girls, feeling sexy and free, headed to that spot and talked and snapped photos. Getting tired of their appearances appearing on the tiny screen of the camera, they took a picture of what was in front of them, the  seemingly pock-marked wall. What they saw astonished them..

The seemingly pock-marked wall
...hence, The Magical Wall of Great Lighting (and Amazing Ventilation) was born. Weary travelers that passed by the sacred place were victimized by the girls' quest to prove that the wall indeed was magical and could make anyone and everyone look as if they were movie stars.

Mang Danny, the most loyal knight

One of the 2 girls dancing in delight because of the success of their quest

The other one slowly turning into a duck. A beautiful beautiful peking duck

Indie and Oriental

This is where the adventures of Oriental and Indie shall end..for now. Join them again next time as they unveil the secrets of the vast jungle that is otherwise known as Manila Science High School. For those who are wondering, they are living happily ever after.

This is Kobe shivering because that place is so breezy


  1. best post ever


  3. OMG Shivering Kobe is so cool hahaha. :D
    ~ Kobe Cruz

    1. HAHA KOBE nice complimenting yourself huuuuuuuuh


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