March 27, 2012

Sir Swine

An item on my imaginary bucket list is to have a raccoon as a pet. Even seeing one live or maybe touching one would seriously make me the happiest girl on earth. I did my research on how to make that dream come true but sadly in order for me to own a raccoon, I would have to get a ton of permits and licences huhu. So with satisfying my craving for tiny Taylor Momsens on hiatus, I move on to the next one on my list...

PIGS!! Miniature Pot-Bellied Pigs. Royal Dandies. Teacup Pigs. Whatever you call them! I am seriously itching to buy a piggy. A friend of mine knows where I can get my hands on the pre-bacon creatures hehehehe. Not that I would cook my future pet, but I am thinking of naming my pig Bacon or Ham or Chops.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reallyreally really really really hope I can buy myself a pig!!!!

March 24, 2012

A Choral Encounter

Last March 16, the Manila Science High School Chorale had the mind-blowing opportunity to perform alongside amazing choirs such as the The Phillipine Women's University Festival Chorus, Novo Concertante Manila, UP Concert Chorus and the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers. It was held at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium in UP Diliman.

Before the actual event, we attended a Voice Masterclass by Dr. Ramon Acoymo. He was unbelievably funny and knows a ton of stuff about physics! I thought we were just there for the sound check so I sat in the front, when surprise surprise, the emcee told us that we were to have the said masterclass. My palms got clammy since I'm not a fan of sitting in the front during seminars because of the high percentage of being asked to be a volunteer haha. To my relief, none of that sort happened to me!

We had our Conducting Masterclass right after. It was led by Professor Eudenice Palaruan, a former member of the Philippine Madz! His aura was so chill and the entire class could be summed up by the word zen. He talked about different ethnic instruments and ancient methods of conducting. He then made us try singing a bunch of communal songs, one was even written by him! No words can come close to describing the feeling of being a part of something so ancient and simply wonderful.

Being the first act, we had to rush rush rush! Plus, the fact that we were dismissed late because of the workshops, and the overdue sound checking didn't help much either. So while backstage, we were all nervous with our sleepy voices and tangled nerves.

The Grand Chorale! While singing Tagumpay Nating Lahat

With a few members of Madz! This was taken after the concert. Apparently, they were to shoot a music video pa woo 

The Tenors :)
Some of our fellow Mascians who came to see the concert. Go MSHSC '13!
I was seriously touched by the Mascians who came to see us perform! It made me feel like they had our back haha. 

Yay Madz!

Here's a picture with Ms.Bianca Lopez! 
The ever supportive MSHSC Alumni with our conductor Mr. Abella.We seriously would be nothing without their help!
The Manila Science High School Chorale 2012!
A Choral Encounter was our last official performance as the MSHSC batch 2012. I remember the time when we were all new to each other. The times when only Kuya Erwin or Kuya Thomas would be the only ones who would crack jokes because the others would still be too shy to do so. The ghosts that could be felt whenever we would practice til 7pm in the so called haunted music room. I even occasionally miss my Alto days!  How time flies! Even though I'm dreading the last day of our togetherness, I am on the bright side looking forward to getting to know the new members. I hope we can add good memories to the ones that I have of the choir now :)

March 14, 2012

Kate Bosworth the Cat

Look who I found lurking outside my window. It's Kate Bosworth the Cat!! She/he's just one of the many many many stray cats in our village. Seriously, our village could easily be deduced as a cat lady's wet dream because of them! If you don't get why I call her/him that, it's because of her/his differently colored eyes. I've always wanted to take a picture of this particular cat but every time I try to, it always gets startled by noises and will scamper off. But yay now I have evidence of its existence! (You would think that I've captured a Yeti on tape or something hahah)

March 9, 2012

John Green Appreciation Post Version 2.0

I've always been a huge fan of John Green and his works. Most of the time, when I'd finish his book, I would either feel very good about life like I just received a cheat code or hack that would help me see the world through brand new eyes or I would just be reduced to a snotty crying mess.

The reason why I'm going on another John Green appreciating post is that I just finished his latest book, The Fault In Our Stars. I won't even try to write a review of it since it's simply beyond writing one. I'm at a loss for words but I have this feeling that I should tell the world of its beauty. The book is just beautiful. I mean, that's it, it's the kind of beautiful that is so sad but at the same time it makes you feel like you're the kind of person that doesn't eat weird/exotic food and then one day you'd have the courage to do so and it's like a whole new chapter or level has been unlocked in your life and it makes you eager to get get get get get more and think of what you have been missing all this time.

John Green is a writing god.

Pamie Creyes

Last Sunday, March 4, Cheesecake had a date! We celebrated Chloe's birthday a day before haha. We went to her house and filled our bellies with the scrumptious carnivorous feast of steaks, ribs and a whole lot more. A mini photoshoot was held outside their home with the 3 of us trying to look one with nature heehee. I almost wasn't allowed to go watch La Traviata with them! It took a lot of pleading and panick-y reasoning on my part since the entire household was getting ready to go.

Since it was an opera and a formal event of some sort, we had to look decent and my floral jumper get up and Nath's shorts just won't cut it! We had an impromptu make over courtesy of the Reyes family' wardrobe. Nath wore Chloe's white pants and her brother's blazer while I wore her mum's dress and shoes.

La Traviata was cool. If it wasn't for the guide book thing-y, I certainly would not have gotten the story since it was in Italian! It was an Italian play, with Korean actors (who totally were magnificent), set in Paris and performed/stage here in the Philippines weee. Throughout the entire play though, Chloe and I had our eyes on the Baron since he looked so much like the guy from the super duper jawdroppingly ethnic-y and eerie song, Gabaq - An which the UST Singers sang at the Llangollen Eisteddfod last 2010, whichhhh they won and gave them the title Choir of the World! It turns out, it was him!! After the show, when all the actors were in the lobby, mingling and having their pictures taken, we approached him yay!!!!!

Family picture? HAHA

Black Market

We didn't have classes yesterday since the Seniors had their National Achievement Test. So Bria, Clarisse, Chloe, Darlene, Jared, Jess, Nath, and Ronald came over so we could work on our research proposals. Coincidentally, today is also Ate Ann, our lovely maid's birthday!!

l-r. Jared, Clarisse, Darlene, Chloe, Ronald, Jess, and Nath 

A buttload of brainstorming occurred because we were pumped and feeling all scientific and research-y the first few hours. But then we had lunch and Bria arrived. After eating, we were all full and sort of feeling lethargic so we just hung out and gurrrrrrl!! Hahaha we had fun with the wall in our living room; we'd take turns having our photos taken while some would work. Or do nothing hehe.

This sort of resembles a pre-nup picture hehehe

This looks like a screencap hehe

Yay Chloe for finishing the book
Obligatory Cheesecake Picture!
Cheesecake Totemmmmm
We dawdled a bit inside my sister's room, wherein our hat wearing urges (in which we lack) were satisfied!

By my sister's lamp

When that was finished, Chloe and I went to my room to try and make a cover even if my voice was all husky and...not there. We were totally lost without our beast of a pianist, Lanselle, leading the way to musical success. We just made a bunch of humiliating mini videos hahaha.

Pasta served as our merienda. We were eating, sitting around the coffee table when Ronald or otherwise known as Rada, stood up and went to the kitchen. He came back moments later with a plateful of rice and adobo! Hahaha it turns out he isn't a big fan of pasta hehe so cute.

After eating, we brainstormed some more and ended up watching Bogart The Explorer's videos on youtube. We were laughing so hard and Chloe decided to copy him and dubbed Rada as the Filipinow Rudah (Filipino Rada). I even acted as her cameraman on her quest to look for the Filipinow Rudah in the Mesina Tribe Jungle hahahaha what is auti. I'll probably put that video up sometime after exam week hehe.

Their Group
Our Group
Our Huge Group!

The Birthday Girl!
I had so much fun today! Part of what made it fun is that we're all oh so different from one another. Like way different, bordering total opposites. But still, we laughed a lot and ate a lot and gushed over Jared's arms a lot hehe. We'll be seeing a lot of each other this summer!!!