March 2, 2012


Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we had our Intramurals at school! We don't have them annually, the last one was when the Seniors in our school were still in their Freshmen year. These past 2 weeks have been fun fun fun since a whole week of studying and quizzes hasn't been completed yet what with all the events and stuff hehe.

Wednesday was a blur of singing and cheering. The volleyball and badminton games were held on that day. Our team, Reyther, lost by 2 points to the faculty. Hayyyy faculty. After we lost, Chloe, Lanselle and I looked for a piano in school so we can sing and be merry.We found one right in front of the SSG office/headquarters. Our friend Kobe who is part of the Student Council joined us and we had an Adele-fest!! And later that day, while we were inside the fully air-conditioned room, Chloe and I decided to make impromptu musical scenes. Everyone had such a blast! Or at least we did hahahaha. Chloe would 'enter' the scene, greet then ask me a question then Lanselle would go and play an impromptu background music for us and we'd just build our story on the spot! Wednesday was such a musical day.

Thursday was spent the same way. It was very relaxing since our team's game was the last for the day. Again, we lost by 2 points. It was also fun since a lot of the new and old members of the MSHS Chorale attended the practice for the mass the following day.

Lastly, Friday! No more sing-a-thons for me since I sort of lost my voice with all the shouting, cheering and singing. I was part of the cheerleading team hahaha can you believe it? Well, we lost. Again. But seriously, it didn't matter much anymore since I think we're all winners because we all had soooooo much fun *insert cheesy inspirational song here* After the awarding ceremony, the choir decided to play volleyball. Hehehe I suck at volleyball.

What is sweaty hahaha

Kuya Joshua and the girl at the back hahahah
'Winning Shot'
l-r. Sharmaine, Ate Lois and Christlyn
Ate Cate starting the whole Copernicus face covering trend!
Kuya Carl and Kuya DJ

Kuya Mark, the last of the Copernicus cover-ers ahah

Me with the MSAT passers! Yay go batch 2016
I hope I look like a raccoon hohohohhoh

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  1. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    May kapangalan ako sa friends mo! :))


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