February 23, 2012


I've been doing an awful lot of thinking lately. I think I'm experiencing the whole teenage pubertial phase wherein I feel all weird and sad and happy and just plain mixed up. But don't worry, I'm not about to go moody on this blog heehee.

Pubertial woes aside, this week has been pretty darn fun! We've had our Final Achievement Tests these past few days. Monday was spent reviewing for the tests that will be held for the next 3 days. The 3 days of pure pleisure (pleasure + leisure; look at me trying to invent another word hoho) because we would only be required to stay for the tests ergo, only 3 hours of school!

Tuesday was the day when the oddventures began! We went on a spontaneous trip to the zoo yayayay. It turns out my classmate Daryl's dad was the head vet of Manila Zoo. Double yay!

l-r. Me, Bria, Clarisse, Chelsea, Gilean (Daryl took the picture and Chloe was hiding)
This is the only picture of us inside the zoo huhu 
Wednesday was my shot day. Last Sunday, our dog Perry bit me :( We had to go back on the third day for my second shot. I seriously wanted to go to Chloe's mum's school's film festival but I wasn't allowed to go because I wouldn't make it on time for my shot. I ended up staying at my dad's office for about 3 hours wee and watched Super 8 and half of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975
Today, Thursday has by far been the best day evaaaaarrr!! We were dismissed at 11 which is pretty early, so Chloe and I decided to watch The Woman in Black at the nearby mall. (It was supposed to be a Cheesecake thing, but Nath had to play basketball hohohuhuhoho) Anyway. Yes, adventures in our uniform part 2! We stopped by my dad's office first to ask for money hehe and to drop off my bag aaaaaaand coincidentally, an officemate of his was going to the mall so we went with him and pretended to be his daughters so we could go inside.

Once inside, we found out the movie wasn't playing anymore :( So sad. So we bought food for our tummy ummies and we went to Book Sale! While we were browsing through the art books, Chloe thought that we should go visit the National Museum!! My dad agreed and took us to the museum. And if I were to describe the National Museum, it would take like an entire post hehe. The first one we went to was the building filled with paintings and sculptures and sketches. The second one was the building nearby. Still the National Museum but this one had the artifacts and the ancient relics.

To end the day, we went back to Masci without the aid of jeepneys hehe yay we walked back to our school! We hung out in front of the huge mirror in the hallway. Chloe and I were joined by Chriztina and her sister and eventually Kobe, with whom we had a mini and I mean small, practically bordering microscopic sing-a-thon.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it! With all the adventures that I've had this week, I feel like I'm a real Manila girl hahahah. I know the week isn't over yet, but tomorrow's Friday. Hooray for that!

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