November 25, 2012


We came to Clark a day early to explore a bit. We slept quite late and I woke up at around 6:10am the next day huhu. After a while, my family started rousing from their slumber one by one and by 9-ish we had our breakfast while watching a CNN segment on PSY. I didn't know PSY is such a cool guy. It turns out his dad was opposed to his artistic ways so he secretly went to study music in Berkley but then his father found out and he stopped wiring money. He then bargained with his father that he'd pay him back with the money he'd get from making music...and the rest is history hihi.

When we got to the lobby to check out and play with the photobooth for the last time, we were surprised by the number of Koreans lounging about hehe. My mum, still on her PSY cloud said 'oppa gangnam style' out loud and she was delighted by the reaction she got which was the simultaneous turning of heads towards her hehehehehe.

We went to Parkson before we headed to the church and got a few more stuff hehe. One of the things that I got was this yummy yummy yummy wafer thing hihi.

We got to the church with 9 minutes to spare and when we got inside, we were told that we had to wait a bit since a Korean mass was still ongoing which was so cool cos it was my first to actually be in one.

I'm really not used to baptisms but this one was nice since the priest was so funny and so cute hahaha plus the fact that the church was air-conditioned didn't hurt.

The reception was held at Angeles Fried Chicken and when we found out we were so happy. Last night we debated whether we should eat at AFC or Shanghai Palace, but since the parking posed as a problem, we opted for Shanghai Palace and by some stroke of luck, we managed to try out both restaurants yipee.

Georgina, the baby girl who got baptized, is such a cutie pie! I hope she grows up to be a sweet and very feisty person hihi.

The weekend is drawing to a close and I gotta go back to school tomorrow. It's a good thing Friday's gonna be a holiday wee. 

November 24, 2012

Weekend Warriors

After yet another stressful week, I was expecting to be dead to the world for at least 12 hours but alas my darn body clock did not allow me to do so and I ended up waking up at around 8 or 9. But then I fell asleep at around noon time and when I came to, it was because we had to eat lunch. During the said meal, my dad was hit by a rare spontaneity. He suggested that we go to Clark since we'd be there the day after for a baptism, why not go a day early to roam around and shop hehe. 

Since it's so rare for my dad who loves to stay inside our house, to invite us on an adventure, we all scurried and bathed and packed and said good bye to civilization. I also finally had the guts to wear the stuff I won from VLM hahahaha.

The ride to Clark was very....noisy. I donut know where we got the energy but we just sang and laughed the entire way hehe.

After driving at a snail's pace around the um foreigner friendly areas, we found ourselves in Airforce city. I got so nostalgic. Flashes of my times here in Clark as a super fat kid plagued my mind. I remember staying here when I was younger and we'd hit the duty free shops and I'd go gaga over the bins of imported candies with Nickelodeon cartoon characters on them! 

We went crazy at Parksons hehe. The toy section was amazing but it was sort of a bummer that we had to cut our time short since we had to race to the duty free Puregold before it closed at 7pm. At Puregold, a ton of sporting goods were on sale!! But this one quirky shop caught my......and my heart HAHA. 

Super cool CD case. The entire bin it's on has stuff for sale at P50 
The place was filled with golf clubs and vintage trading cards. But what made me feel giddy was the entire wall of vintage cameras. I made a deal with my dad that if I were to do good in school for 2 consecutive grading periods, he'd buy me a camera huhu so imagine my excitement when I saw cameras that ranged from P350 to a whopping P50, 000.

A bunch of accordions were there too hehe

We were supposed to buy a camera already but the guy couldn't present to me a working one so with a heavy sigh and my dad's new promise that he'd really help me look for a camera maybe in Hidalgo, I bought myself a pack of 3 films for P50 hehe and went back to the car so we finally eat dinner and look for a place to spend the night in. 


After eating, we walked to a nearby ice cream place and pigged out yet again.

We finally found a hotel after dinner and watched the Zoren-Carmina wedding and us girls melted hehe. I caught up with AHS and when I started to feel sleepy, my sister told me about the photobooth in the here's what happened....

After a while we started feeling the shame creeping in since we dominated the entire screen hehehehe so we went back to our room, got ready for bed and watched Ted for a while.

This weekend is only half done and it's been the most relaxed I've had for a long time. I've been toxic lately what with puberty and school work and other stuff and I just wanna say that I love my friends for being there and especially my parents. I love love love them to bits!!!

November 17, 2012

Reasons Why I'm Home Because a Wise Person Once Told Me 'If You Ain't Got No Money, Take Your Broke Ass..........Home': #1 Zombie Tarot Cards

I have come up with my Christmas/Birthday wish list which is highly likely to remain just a 'wish' list but anyhoo you might be reading this and have no clue on what to get yourself this Christmas or you might have a friend or a lover that is into what I'm into and you can get ideas from me yay or you might be a prince/princess/queen/king from a faraway land and you want me to be your right hand man and you're looking for things to bribe me with. Whatever the case may be, I'll be posting til the end of here is #1 from my List of Reasons Why I'm Home Because a Wise Person Once Told Me 'If You Ain't Got No Money, Take Your Broke Ass..........Home'.

I really really really really really am dying to get my hands on this beautiful beautiful creation of Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham. Here are the reasons why I want this so badly: 1) it's a given fact that I love zombies 2) I have a strange fixation on trading cards 3) things that come in pretty boxes especially matte boxes are alluring to me and 4) IT'S A ZOMBIE TAROT CARD SET!!!

Here's an excerpt on how the cards are described in the manual that it comes with: 
Card #1 The Knight of Cups: Romantic*Adventure*Moody - He's the one with the ready smile and a surfboard underneath his arm. A natural charmer, the Knight of Cups is always ready to schmooze-and always keeps one eye on the exit. He can be fun to have around, but his mood will change like the surf, and he's often likely to steal more than a kiss. Watch your heart, literally.

Those are just some of the cards inside heehee. From the reviews I've read, the box is felt-lined and oh so pretty hihi!! And the author keeps on emphasizing that instead of going for the usual gory bloody theme that comes with zombies, they opted to go for a vintage housewives-ish feel to it. All I gotta say is besides being so darn pretty this deck seems like the real deal wee so nice.

Zombie Tarot on Amazon


First and last attempt at painting gem stones circa last year hahahaha
I haven't updated this for 11 days and I feel so bad about it huhu it's just that school has been draining the life out of me lately and I can't exactly blog while I'm dead. Last Thursday we had the Speech Choir thing in school and this coming Friday, we'll have the most anticipated Carol Fest eliminations. Since we only have a short time left to prepare for it, our class met up yesterday to practice. 

It was such a long day and we visited Jazz who's been confined in a hospital because of some stupid mosquito biting her and giving her dengue. Russ, Twinkle, Nona, Erik and I met up with Kurt and Selvin so we could go visit Jazz. We rode the LRT to Edsa and went on the shuttle with lots of holes on it hehe and we missed our stop by a little since I was too busy analyzing Derek Ramsay's Amazing Race billboard and the sunlight on my face gave me thoughts on how it must feel to be an average Filipino laborer commuting in that hour and stuff hehe. So we missed our stop and we had to walk a bit. 

Jazz was in the NiƱos Inocentes ward which is basically for children. The walls were so colorful and if it weren't for the distinct smell of a hospital, I would've thought I was in the Museo Pambata. We caught up with Jazz, played with the wheelchairs hehe, weighed ourselves and drank Jazz's drinks yay. After, we divided our group into the Manila group and the South people and went our separate ways. Nona, Erik and I waited and walked around Baclaran in order to ride a bus home. I felt like I was in an indie film or something since the orange lights made everything seem cinematic like the children playing, the workers eating on a rectangular kiosk, people just sitting on the ground resting, people selling and yelling. 

The three of us waited with the other people in Baclaran to ride our bus but the only buses that passed by us weren't for us and there was an ungodly amount of jeeps that we contemplated riding one but alas while we were already walking towards the overpass thing, Nona spotted a bus that had 'Pilar' on it and we went all crazy running towards it. The inside was so packed and it really felt like we were in a scene from 3 Idiots or Slumdog Millionaire. 

After a while, Erik got off and Nona as well. I was left sitting beside an old woman on the 3-seater seats. Then this old man got on the bus and sat on my right side and it was like I was their granddaughter hehehehehehehe. I finally got off at my stop and was fetched by my dad and ate dinner and took a bath and talked to people a bit and went to bed. I was expecting to be dead to the world til at least 12 noon but once again, my traitorous body betrayed me and I woke up at 7 and now I really can't be sure if we have any homework or not yay.

November 7, 2012

Very Pubertial

You know that feeling you get when you hear a really really really good song? It's like your're in on a little secret of life like when you hear it, you know it in your bones that this is why we're here and alive. I don't really wanna sound cheesy but sometimes there are just songs that when you hear them, it's like your mind clears up and you understand that this is why we were made. To experience stuff and to see beauty in its raw form or something. 

This song just takes the proverbial cake. I can imagine like a band of survivors in a duh post-apocalyptic setting with only a scattering of zombies left and you've gray grungy buildings with paint peeling off on both sides of a very long road and the whole scene would just be so serene but you know there's an underlying tone of danger because of the zombies they have yet to kill but the entire aura is still calm nonetheless hehe.

This one has me picturing a very simple lifestyle in a cabin in the woods or on top of a hill with the sunlight just warming my skin and the occasional mehhhhh's from the goats outside and the sound of the tiny bells around their necks filling the room hoho. Its such a nice and peaceful song.

This song has a special place in my heart hehehe. I always turn gay when I hear this hehe. The image that comes to my mind whenever this plays is the time we spent New Year's Eve at Eastwood. The place was packed with people and it felt like I was being submerged in a sea of bodies or something. After the concert thingy, the people started the count down and they were playing songs and when it hit midnight, the fireworks just started going off and I was surrounded by so many people and this song was playing and hehehe it just felt really nice like I was in touch with humanity.....hehehehe I was all 'wow so this is what it feels like to really be a human being' hehe cos all of my senses were working I mean I was hearing the song and the people talking and shouting, I could definitely smell the smoke, I could see the fireworks display and again, the people hugging and taking pictures and craning their necks to see if there were celebrities milling about and random people would just bump into me but it felt really really really good hehe.

An Abundance of Eyes

I've always enjoyed drawing eyes but I haven't done much eye paintings since I don't wanna make botched eyes. Almost all of my paintings have blank white spaces for eyes or if it's not of that, my painting would be of just one zoomed-in eye. I really can't paint a decent eye with a decent face. Somehow, I have to choose between painting an eye alone or a face sans eyes hehe. Anyway, I went on a painting frenzy over the weekend and painted 5 eyes in a row in just one day! It felt really good with the light coming from my window, the good music playing and just me and my brush hihi. I hope I can make super duper plenty more of these hehe enough for them to become like trading cards he he he.

November 4, 2012

Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kingdom

Last October 31, 2012 Asia had its first ever zombie run inside an amusement park. I don't know how much I've said this before but I really love zombies so when we first saw the teaser trailer for Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kingdom, Zombieland came to my mind and I almost creamed my pants in delight. 

To prepare for this run which was held on halloween hehe, Twinkle and I evolved from our MMDA selves, went back through time and becometh people from the olden times. More specifically, the medieval period which we just took up in school last quarter hehe. We planned on going as the Powerpuff girls and the Professor but we lacked time in buying a decent PPG costume so we decided to just forget the whole theme thing and buy costumes on our own. 

But something happened, while I was browsing through the halloween costumes on sale, I came across a ton of nice costumes for only 500 pesos each! Long story short, I got the medieval velvet taray gown for Twinkle and this black witch dress thingy for myself. When I got home tho, I remembered that I had a sort of medieval looking dress in my closet so the idea of going as a medieval set was hatched. I returned my costume and in return got this set on sale. I can't really describe it since it looks like a cross between a female version of Christian Grey and an executioner and a gladiator and a medieval butcher. But the description in the bag thing says that it's a Scorpion Vixen so... let's stick with medieval executioner instead HAHA. 

The day of the run, we hung out at Twinkle's place, watched The Walking Dead's 3rd episode and hung out at high street. After walking around and stuff we went back to Twinkle's and dressed up wee. 

Twinkle m'lady, Bea the court jester, Nath the pirate who looks like a prince and me yay

Awesome live art!

I was expecting that a lot of people would be in costume since it IS halloween but although the number of people in costume was higher than in BGC, it still quite wasn't enough for me hehe.

At first I was expecting the run to be as easy as the one in BGC but maaaaan was I wrong! We died instantly when we came to the super infested plaza part. I swear it's like an endless wall of red-flag-hungry zombies huhu.

Pretty pretty

Since we were already dead, we just took our time and had fun hehe. Especially with the gorilla below. He's now my best friend hihi. We felt super duper giddy whenever random zombies would growl and compliment us on our costumes hahaha and in return we'd compliment the other pretty zombies as well hehe.

Super cool Sparta guy


Schmiderman schmiderman

After we crossed the finish line, we were approached by a few officials saying that we were eligible to win best in costume! They then took down our names, our costume description and took pictures of us. We were also told that the announcement would be at 10:30 pm, seeing that 10:30 was not that far away, we hung out for a while and roamed around a bit. We got sidetracked by the games and Nath tried to win prizes but alas we failed HAHA. After playing, we headed over to the huge tent and waited for the announcement. When the Sparta guy from our wave was announced we seriously thought we wouldn't have a chance then so we were quite disheartened but then another announcement came on and..............WE WON!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!! We got on stage and maaaaan did it feel good hihihi. 

I reallllllllllllly had a great time. That day was one for the books, I must say. I serrrrrrrrriouuuuuuuuuuusly can't wait for the next outbreak here in Manila!!!!!!

P.S. We used expired kodak disposable cameras that we bought for only 2 for P500 and I am so so so so so pleased with how they turned out hihi. Will definitely do this again next time!