November 25, 2012


We came to Clark a day early to explore a bit. We slept quite late and I woke up at around 6:10am the next day huhu. After a while, my family started rousing from their slumber one by one and by 9-ish we had our breakfast while watching a CNN segment on PSY. I didn't know PSY is such a cool guy. It turns out his dad was opposed to his artistic ways so he secretly went to study music in Berkley but then his father found out and he stopped wiring money. He then bargained with his father that he'd pay him back with the money he'd get from making music...and the rest is history hihi.

When we got to the lobby to check out and play with the photobooth for the last time, we were surprised by the number of Koreans lounging about hehe. My mum, still on her PSY cloud said 'oppa gangnam style' out loud and she was delighted by the reaction she got which was the simultaneous turning of heads towards her hehehehehe.

We went to Parkson before we headed to the church and got a few more stuff hehe. One of the things that I got was this yummy yummy yummy wafer thing hihi.

We got to the church with 9 minutes to spare and when we got inside, we were told that we had to wait a bit since a Korean mass was still ongoing which was so cool cos it was my first to actually be in one.

I'm really not used to baptisms but this one was nice since the priest was so funny and so cute hahaha plus the fact that the church was air-conditioned didn't hurt.

The reception was held at Angeles Fried Chicken and when we found out we were so happy. Last night we debated whether we should eat at AFC or Shanghai Palace, but since the parking posed as a problem, we opted for Shanghai Palace and by some stroke of luck, we managed to try out both restaurants yipee.

Georgina, the baby girl who got baptized, is such a cutie pie! I hope she grows up to be a sweet and very feisty person hihi.

The weekend is drawing to a close and I gotta go back to school tomorrow. It's a good thing Friday's gonna be a holiday wee. 

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