November 4, 2012

Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kingdom

Last October 31, 2012 Asia had its first ever zombie run inside an amusement park. I don't know how much I've said this before but I really love zombies so when we first saw the teaser trailer for Outbreak Manila: Enchanted Kingdom, Zombieland came to my mind and I almost creamed my pants in delight. 

To prepare for this run which was held on halloween hehe, Twinkle and I evolved from our MMDA selves, went back through time and becometh people from the olden times. More specifically, the medieval period which we just took up in school last quarter hehe. We planned on going as the Powerpuff girls and the Professor but we lacked time in buying a decent PPG costume so we decided to just forget the whole theme thing and buy costumes on our own. 

But something happened, while I was browsing through the halloween costumes on sale, I came across a ton of nice costumes for only 500 pesos each! Long story short, I got the medieval velvet taray gown for Twinkle and this black witch dress thingy for myself. When I got home tho, I remembered that I had a sort of medieval looking dress in my closet so the idea of going as a medieval set was hatched. I returned my costume and in return got this set on sale. I can't really describe it since it looks like a cross between a female version of Christian Grey and an executioner and a gladiator and a medieval butcher. But the description in the bag thing says that it's a Scorpion Vixen so... let's stick with medieval executioner instead HAHA. 

The day of the run, we hung out at Twinkle's place, watched The Walking Dead's 3rd episode and hung out at high street. After walking around and stuff we went back to Twinkle's and dressed up wee. 

Twinkle m'lady, Bea the court jester, Nath the pirate who looks like a prince and me yay

Awesome live art!

I was expecting that a lot of people would be in costume since it IS halloween but although the number of people in costume was higher than in BGC, it still quite wasn't enough for me hehe.

At first I was expecting the run to be as easy as the one in BGC but maaaaan was I wrong! We died instantly when we came to the super infested plaza part. I swear it's like an endless wall of red-flag-hungry zombies huhu.

Pretty pretty

Since we were already dead, we just took our time and had fun hehe. Especially with the gorilla below. He's now my best friend hihi. We felt super duper giddy whenever random zombies would growl and compliment us on our costumes hahaha and in return we'd compliment the other pretty zombies as well hehe.

Super cool Sparta guy


Schmiderman schmiderman

After we crossed the finish line, we were approached by a few officials saying that we were eligible to win best in costume! They then took down our names, our costume description and took pictures of us. We were also told that the announcement would be at 10:30 pm, seeing that 10:30 was not that far away, we hung out for a while and roamed around a bit. We got sidetracked by the games and Nath tried to win prizes but alas we failed HAHA. After playing, we headed over to the huge tent and waited for the announcement. When the Sparta guy from our wave was announced we seriously thought we wouldn't have a chance then so we were quite disheartened but then another announcement came on and..............WE WON!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!! We got on stage and maaaaan did it feel good hihihi. 

I reallllllllllllly had a great time. That day was one for the books, I must say. I serrrrrrrrriouuuuuuuuuuusly can't wait for the next outbreak here in Manila!!!!!!

P.S. We used expired kodak disposable cameras that we bought for only 2 for P500 and I am so so so so so pleased with how they turned out hihi. Will definitely do this again next time!

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