November 17, 2012


First and last attempt at painting gem stones circa last year hahahaha
I haven't updated this for 11 days and I feel so bad about it huhu it's just that school has been draining the life out of me lately and I can't exactly blog while I'm dead. Last Thursday we had the Speech Choir thing in school and this coming Friday, we'll have the most anticipated Carol Fest eliminations. Since we only have a short time left to prepare for it, our class met up yesterday to practice. 

It was such a long day and we visited Jazz who's been confined in a hospital because of some stupid mosquito biting her and giving her dengue. Russ, Twinkle, Nona, Erik and I met up with Kurt and Selvin so we could go visit Jazz. We rode the LRT to Edsa and went on the shuttle with lots of holes on it hehe and we missed our stop by a little since I was too busy analyzing Derek Ramsay's Amazing Race billboard and the sunlight on my face gave me thoughts on how it must feel to be an average Filipino laborer commuting in that hour and stuff hehe. So we missed our stop and we had to walk a bit. 

Jazz was in the NiƱos Inocentes ward which is basically for children. The walls were so colorful and if it weren't for the distinct smell of a hospital, I would've thought I was in the Museo Pambata. We caught up with Jazz, played with the wheelchairs hehe, weighed ourselves and drank Jazz's drinks yay. After, we divided our group into the Manila group and the South people and went our separate ways. Nona, Erik and I waited and walked around Baclaran in order to ride a bus home. I felt like I was in an indie film or something since the orange lights made everything seem cinematic like the children playing, the workers eating on a rectangular kiosk, people just sitting on the ground resting, people selling and yelling. 

The three of us waited with the other people in Baclaran to ride our bus but the only buses that passed by us weren't for us and there was an ungodly amount of jeeps that we contemplated riding one but alas while we were already walking towards the overpass thing, Nona spotted a bus that had 'Pilar' on it and we went all crazy running towards it. The inside was so packed and it really felt like we were in a scene from 3 Idiots or Slumdog Millionaire. 

After a while, Erik got off and Nona as well. I was left sitting beside an old woman on the 3-seater seats. Then this old man got on the bus and sat on my right side and it was like I was their granddaughter hehehehehehehe. I finally got off at my stop and was fetched by my dad and ate dinner and took a bath and talked to people a bit and went to bed. I was expecting to be dead to the world til at least 12 noon but once again, my traitorous body betrayed me and I woke up at 7 and now I really can't be sure if we have any homework or not yay.

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