February 25, 2013

Magical Masquerade: Junior-Senior Promenade 2013

We were supposed to have our Prom last Friday, February 22, but alas because of the uncooperative weather, it was postponed and rescheduled to Monday, February 25. The funny thing was after it got rescheduled, the skies cleared and the sun smiled down upon everyone hehe. Another weird thing is upon waking up, I had the tune of I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats stuck inside my head the entire morning. What is freaaaaaky.

Anyhoo, so yesterday. Was. Monday. Ergo, we had our prom yesterday!! I started off the day by watching Argo hihi and it was such a fantastic film and one that really deserves the top award at the Oscars. After watching and after taking a bath and eating a snack, I went over to Casa de Chloe Reyes so we could go to the salon together and be girly and giggle hihi and live out our movie-based prom dreams. 

For this year's promenade/turn over ceremony, we were to have a masquerade ball from sun down to sun rise (bongga ka day). We had the liberty to choose from the following themes to use as our guide on what to wear: Victorian/Shakespearean, Arabian Nights, Fantasy and the last option that I seem to have forgotten. The day the theme was released, which seems like decades ago, my friends and I hatched a plan to go as the  people from Batman. After verifying with our teacher if it'd still fit in the fantasy category, we went on our ways and had our costumes made. But alas, a few weeks after, it was announced in an assembly that superheroes and characters from that kind of fandom are not allowed. The news seriously pulled the rug from under our feet but we had no choice since our costumes were already being made to come to life.

I really felt nervous about my get up since it was my first time ever to wear a wig. I had doubts if I'd come across looking very funny and out of place but then it is true that Poison Ivy wouldn't be Poison Ivy without the flaming hair so I gathered my wits and my big girl knickers and headed to the salon, wig in hand.

*This is my first time to do this and I feel really shy*
Dress: Vestes by Yep-Yep Mesina (my very awesome uncle)
Wig by Mame's Cosplay Shop

Chloe and I took our precious time and so.......we ran a wee bit late but as we sped through the high way, we used the sun to measure our tardiness hehehe. After serenading the seniors, we thinned out and formed a human border (that cheers) for the pathway of the seniors.

I could double for Ariel..................

Adorable Partners #1 Chloe Reyes and Berns Bernal HAHA these very preppy and very pastel-y and mint-y woodland fairies with their Lana del Ray-ness and Etsy-y floral headdresses deserve the 'Cutest Pair Award'!! 

We then went to the Amadome where we sang songs and had the turning over of gifts. The highlight of the program, for me, was when Mr. Orines, our principal, sang 'Go The Distance' with the chorale. His voice was so nice and he was so inspiring and everyone just felt so inspired because the song was nice and inspiring and the night was soooooo nice.

The teachers released butterflies all over after singing their song hehe
 After the program, the boys in our batch fixed the chairs in the Amadome and the buffet was officially opened. 

Black Swan Kobe!!!

Adorable Partners#2 Kobe Cruz and Madz Fortuny huhuhuhu they came as a Black Swan duo and they looked absopositively amazing! From Madz's very legit dress, to their wings and to their matching make-up. They really had me speechless huhu and I really loved their get-up 

The Remaining Batman People! Me, Twinkle and Matthew. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and The Joker. We're all that's left of the super bongga Batman plan we originally thought of hehehuhu I hope we can complete the cast someday...next Outbreak perhaps? HIHI

My favorite of the night please!!!!!!! Tisha Esquejo just had me fawning all over her Red Queen costume hihi

Other adorable people!! Erik and his cropped suit hihi, Nona and her mataray gown with the poofy skirt, and Gil such a cute fairy!!!

Bianca, the Swan princess and emcee with Sir Carpio...as Padme Amidala ughh so cool!!!
After dinner, we were gathered again in the Amadome to watch the Cotillion wherein the Presidents of each class and their partner....danced. I ultimately and officially became a stage mum/ #1 fan of Diana and Lennard hihi.


The party started after the Cotillion annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the amount of fun in it cannot be contained by the word fun. It was very fun and very nice and very tiring and very unforgiving to feet wearing high heels and very sweat-inducing and very bouncy and very funny. 

Prom King woop woop

With Diego, after I took off my wig and feeling like a figure skater hehe 
It really doesn't matter where you have a party, what matters is the people you're with and if you're having fun. Prom was such a wonderful and magical affair, it was a great way to start the week of our final exams and to say good riddance to the highly toxic month that is February :D :D

I just wanna say thank you to EVERYONE. To Batch 2013 and Batch 2014, to the teachers especially to the ever so lovely Mrs. Soriano and Mrs. Carlos! To the GPTA, to the catering people to the set-up people. To Tito Yep for my super amazing dress, Mame's Cosplay Shop for my wig hehe, to MY FRIENDS I LOVE YOU ALL HUHU, to the Reyes family for adopting me yesterday, to my parents and to God and to my sister who took care of me as well yesterday and became my sitter and make-up artist-ish and to everyone hihihi mwahmwahmwah.

February 22, 2013


This week has had me up late at night working on requirements and stuff and to accompany me during my sleepless nights, I turn to the miraculous and very amazing website that is youtube. I go from watching covers, music videos to trailers to getting lost in the weird side of youtube and back to covers. I promise to make a separate youtube-appreciating post in the near future. I'm gonna embed the crap out of those videos that really entertained me but in the meanwhile, I will show you this little gem of a video that I unearthed just 30 minutes ago. 


Two things came to mind and one is that the guy wearing the green hat is. So. Me. The other day during a rehearsal for prom, Twinkle and I were talking about a hypothetical zombie apocalypse in Masci and we were surveying people and ourselves whether or not we'd survive and I said that I probably won't since at first I'd fangirl over the zombies too much and before I'd know it, I'd be bitten already hehehehe. 

Second thing that popped into my head while watching is that if I were to be a zombie, I pray to God that I don't end up as one of the naked zombies. Please lang hahaha!! As a zombie, I'd do a lot of running and other activities that would seriously ruin the poise that I am currently running low on hehe so imagine anyone actually as a feverishly rampaging zombie in his/her birthday suit HAHAHA.

Anyhoo, that's it for the mean time hehe. February is turning out to be a real pain in the heiny but a very good pain at that hehe. It has proven to be the hardest and most tiring month for me ever but it has been the best too so far. I imagine February as a scrapbook that I've been slaving on and I can't wait to have it done already so I could close the scrapbook and just open it up whenever I'd feel nostalgic and have nice things or memories to look at hehe. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Last Monday, we had the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Masci heehee. It was so cool since it's my first time to ever celebrate the Chinese new year in school and anywhere else. The day started off with a prayer that was sung in Mandarin. After the Chinese national anthem, the performances prepared by those who were taking up Mandarin as their foreign language soon followed.  

The emcees!

III - Darwin and III - Calvin

Alburo keeping it real

With my photography friend (chos) Diana hehe

Seniors hehe
 After the performance of the seniors I was told that the dragon dance was up next and so I hurried up the Computer building so I could cover the dance from up top but then it turned out there was still a puppet show thingy and another performance by the seniors before the dragon dance so I had to go down huhu.

III -Berzelius' puppet show

Madz and Kobe

After the program and after the people were sent to their classes, we stayed to clean up a bit and the Mandarin people set up their booths and had their pictures taken.

Just the view of the flag of the Philippines from the auditorium hehe
All in all, the affair was very new and fresh. I can envision a Masci now that would really take advantage of the fact that we have foreign languages as a subject and using that to give life to our academic year. I hope we'd have another round of this next year in addition to the Francophonie, an exhibit by the Robotics people during the Science month and a chance for the Nihongo and the Spanish people to showcase their progress hihi. God bless my UN month deprived soul.