February 9, 2013

Bye Bye Froggy

After our euphoric On-The-Spot Trailer Making Contest, I still got pulled out of my classes since I had to train for the Citywide Journalism Contest that was held in MaSci last Saturday. Anyhoo, our class had its dissection last Wednesday and so this is what transpired. 

Dana and I arrived quite late and we were met by a room of people wearing masks, gloves and lab gowns. It  looked like a convention of Dr. Frankensteins or something hehe. After suiting up and stuff, me and Paru (my adorable partner) got to working!!

The pictures following the one below this will be quite gory so if you don't like gore just scroll down and squint hehehehehehe.

Paru and I hehe

Froggy heart!!

I had so much fun with our frog's hands that Paru and I almost took them home like as a remembrance of some sort but then we got lazy since we had to look for a container and we had to ask for formalin 

Sir Rofuli, our student teacher and Kurt

After the dissection, we had to go out to prepare for our practical test.

The practical test was okay it wasn't too hard and it wasn't too easy. Paru and I had the shock of our lives when we found out we were one of the best pairs in dissecting huhu! It was so nice and wee Paru/Gab tandem 6ever :D

Struggling since Paru is so tall HAHA

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