February 9, 2013

Ripple Effect: A Leadership Seminar

Yesterday right after our Journalism contest, Dana and I rushed to the leadership seminar in school titled Ripple Effect. The first speaker was just about finished with his talk when we arrived. After the morning snacks, I was so stoked to find out Chloe and I were on the same group hehe and that all of us in our group were/are from II - Rutherford!!

After our introductions and after naming our team ('Team Yap' after Tim Yap hehe) we had our first activity which was to write 50 words that had something to do with the previous talk. Imagine our shock when we were told to write a 4-5 stanza poem using the words that the group before us had written! 

Kuya Lennard our marshal 

Chloe, Jacob and Rhea

Raven, Rozh and Alex/Yek

We had lunch next which was spent just eating and goofing around with Watergirls <3 p="">

Our Right Round pose

Our Great Image photo acc. to Chloe

Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus

A bunch of activities were held. Like the War of the Worlds game that up to now I still don't get basta all I know is that we had to protect our bases but at the same time we had to leave them to occupy another base and that there's a lot of tackling going on hahaha. We also played this game where we were all blindfolded and each group had an assigned animal sound and with us all blind, we had to form our group just by depending on our sense of hearing.

Such an inspirational woman huhu love her

There was an activity where we had to flip an entire garbage bag while everyone on the team was standing on it. It was such a strenuous activity especially for the boys in our group since they had to carry us hahaha! After that, we had another round with our blindfolds and this time we had to create shapes with our group while we were blindfolded hehe. 

The poems we made were then read by representatives and our scores were finally tallied and.............we won!!! Weeeeee group 6! Just seeing Kuya Lennard beaming had us smiling and grinning like our faces were about to split in two :D

Kuya Lennard 



Mga babaeng tubig

We had our photos taken with the current president of UP Arise, Nico Ibaviosa who is apparently a swimmer and an actor huhu and he has a wikipedia page whatwhatwhat

Callado + Paru

Callado + Paru + Me!
The leadership seminar turned out to be very fun! I definitely got inspired and I now have my thoughts organized and stuff hehe. The people made it memorable too, especially Watergirls and Group 6 and the SSG people and the people from UP Arise and everyone :D 


  1. Hi Gab! We're glad you enjoyed the leadership seminar. :)

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