February 17, 2013

All The Feels

Last Friday, I went back to St. Scho and just had a blast reminiscing and being nostalgic all over the place and catching up with former classmates and saying hi to my favorite teachers in the entire world huhu. I had so much feels that day and it carried on over to the canvassing of the votes back in Masci since we had the SSG elections that same day. 

Anyhoo, today I went to Manresa for the Family Day and I can say I also got the same homesick vibes I got when I visited St. Scho huhu. Everything was the same yet at the same time they weren't kdjhdjhd haha. The first thing I noticed was that the Grade 1 building looked the same but somehow it didn't look as big and ominous as I remembered it. Maybe this is a sign that I really and truly am growing up. 

Super adorable huhuhuhu 

Aaron and his angle

Black Patrick

Patrick and Aaron's angle

After the Variety Show and the slightly tiring intermission number from the Wushu team of the Philippines I think, we headed out and walked to Pergola. We spotted the newly relocated and renamed South Diner, now it's called Fatmelts Diner hehe and we ate and talked about stuff and ate and yes HAHA.

The underlying chemistry between these two is just palpable

We were then graced by Lara's presence. She turned out to be quite adorable and such a sweetheart huhu. We should definitely hang out more and soon!! :D

What with everything that's been happening lately, my weekend + Friday have been so so so so good. I feel like they've been the break that I've been craving and working hard for hehe. As I've predicted, February has been very tiresome but I must say this has also been the most rewarding and best month in my life so far :D I can't help but feel thankful to everyone.......so this is me saying thank you hihi. Thank you!!!!! 


  1. You were a manresan? What grade?

    1. Yup! From nursery til the 3rd grade :D


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