February 22, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Last Monday, we had the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Masci heehee. It was so cool since it's my first time to ever celebrate the Chinese new year in school and anywhere else. The day started off with a prayer that was sung in Mandarin. After the Chinese national anthem, the performances prepared by those who were taking up Mandarin as their foreign language soon followed.  

The emcees!

III - Darwin and III - Calvin

Alburo keeping it real

With my photography friend (chos) Diana hehe

Seniors hehe
 After the performance of the seniors I was told that the dragon dance was up next and so I hurried up the Computer building so I could cover the dance from up top but then it turned out there was still a puppet show thingy and another performance by the seniors before the dragon dance so I had to go down huhu.

III -Berzelius' puppet show

Madz and Kobe

After the program and after the people were sent to their classes, we stayed to clean up a bit and the Mandarin people set up their booths and had their pictures taken.

Just the view of the flag of the Philippines from the auditorium hehe
All in all, the affair was very new and fresh. I can envision a Masci now that would really take advantage of the fact that we have foreign languages as a subject and using that to give life to our academic year. I hope we'd have another round of this next year in addition to the Francophonie, an exhibit by the Robotics people during the Science month and a chance for the Nihongo and the Spanish people to showcase their progress hihi. God bless my UN month deprived soul.

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