January 30, 2012

Ms. Crooked-Nose

Today in Bio class, we dissected a pig's heart! I never knew it was so cool; I felt like a doctor. It even made me WANT to be a doctor for a minute but then I realized my patient's family wouldn't be too happy to find out that I played with their relative's heart. Literally. 

Anyway, here's an old drawing of mine. Say hello to ms. crooked-nose!

Work area fnedkjfbdknj

January 27, 2012

Vena Cava

Last Thursday, our Biology student teacher who has a lovely creative streak told us to draw the human heart! He also demanded that it should be colored. I've always wanted to draw the heart but looking at the pictures made it seem too complex for me. But then last night I had the sudden urge to finish all of my school works heehee so I did it!

Unlabeled heart hehe
Probably the best homework ever!

January 15, 2012

I've been working on a series of paintings lately. It all started with an accident actually. It was my first time to use the pocket watercolor thing that my mum and pops gave me for my birthday and I got a bit pressured since I'm a wee bit of a perfectionist, so what I did was, I basically made the whole page of paper wet and then I lightly dabbed on the paintbrush with different colors. When it started to look awful with all the brown splotches because of the mixing, I tried to salvage it with adding more colors yay! Haha in the end, it came out looking quite psychedelically. It was nice but I found it a bit boring so I drew a face on the paper heehee. I hope I can make more!

January 4, 2012


Chloe, Nath and I decided to join this contest called Arteskwela Ekomersyal. Basically, in order to join the contest, you'd have to make a 1 minute long commercial about the environment that would touch the hearts and minds of the viewers.

20% of the total scoring comes from the online votes heehee. Help us out pleaaase. With just a few clicks, you'd all be doing us a huge favor wee. First like Joey Pelaez's fan page then go to this portion, scroll scroll scroll down til you find M46 Manila Science High School. Make sure you click Submit! Ughhh I'm keeping my fingers, toes and everything that can be intertwined crossed. Good luck to all of us! ☺

Yay for v-necks!!!


2012. The rumored final year of our existence here on Earth. But before all the doom and gloom, here's what happened during the last months of 2011, which, I can say is the pure opposite!

November 18, 2011 we had our long awaited batch party wee. I got to perform with the band 'Take You Down' and everyone was having such a good time. It didn't matter that I had 2 left feet, with all my awkward flailing and jumping around, I think the fact that I can't dance is what made it more fun!

l-r. Nath, me, Ian!
l-r. Chloe, Quinn, me and Nath! Wee (oreo) cheesecake!

December 16, 2011 was my birthday! Coincidentally, it was also the last day of school and the Christmas party!

I didn't have decent pictures during our Christmas party so here, another picture of cheesecake! Wee. Hi Chloe thanks for the picture hehehohohehe
After the Christmas party, my friends and I went to Beth's house which was just across the street from our school, to celebrate Gabby's birthday in advance. We opened a couple of our gifts there and I almost peed from the excitement. I got some pretty neat stuff like a couple of sweet animal-printed erasers from Gail, a bottle of Strawberry syrup from Lanselle, a watercolor paint set from Nath, a lovely lovely lovely blue floppy hat from Chloe, tons of cool and sweet stuff from Casey and a bunch more that made my 15th birthday happier.

After a quick nap in Beth's super comfy bed, I got a call from Jhis as well as a bunch of texts. Long story short, she and Kigia braved the Manila streets, went to my school and planned a surprise visit for me! It was hands down the most amazing thing that happened to me. 

Lastly, my family + kuya Luigio went to Hooters to eat dinner. There, I got the Hooters' birthday treat thingy. Heehee it was so fun. A bit embarrassing though.

December 19-25, 2011, my relatives stayed in our house and celebrated Christmas with us! So many things happened during their stay and all I can say is that Christmas 2011 is by far the BEST.

After 23789649837264594 years, we finally bought a new camera! Wee. We got fat fat fat fat fat because of all the baking that my mum did. We went to malls because the house we live in now is super duper near 2 malls. We watched movies. We played lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of card games!

Christmas Eve

l-r. tita Edith, kuya Ian, kuya Ivan, tito Dodoy, Pops, me, Mum, my sister!

Food food food food food food food food food food
Picture of an inanimate object # 1
This was our midnight snack wee. I guess gift opening gives you quite an appetite

December 31, 2011, we spent New Year's Eve at Eastwood where they held the first countdown in the Philippines. Star dropping and all that jazz. It was such a fun experience. They had various metallic athletes/macho people everywhere, people in stilts, lots of lights, a gigantic Christmas tree and a free concert!

Metallic warriors!
Mr. Stilty wilty

During the super fun Gary V mini-concert. He's not called Mr. Pure Energy for nothing, guys

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I know it's a bit late, but Happy New Year everyone!!!!! 2011 was a blast, I hope 2012 can keep up :)