September 16, 2012

Princess Adz

When I was younger and I was asked what I wanted for my email address, 'gorgeousgab' came to mind. I wanted it cos 1) hooray for alliterations and 2) I was very proud of my vocabulary. What stopped me from doing so however, was my poor skills in spelling. I couldn't spell gorgeous correctly all the time because my 7 year old brain couldn't grasp the fact that 3 vowels were allowed to sit beside each other. 

Anyhoo, I opted for 'princessadz16' because I wanted to be a princess (kinda) and my birthday's on the 16th heehee. So it stuck and when the time came for me to make a multiply account as well, I did not hesitate to use it as my url. I'm telling you this because I bought a pretty neat tiara from the mall yesterday. It was only for P34 pesos minus 10% because of the 3-Day sale yay. 

I had a mini coronation inside the car and that reminded me of how weird I was back in my 'multiply days' tho I'm sure people still find me quite weird up to now huhu hehe. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but here are some of my blog/journal entries in my old multiply account HAHA.

Jul 24, '09 4:25 AM
for gab's contacts
alright. i won hurrrrrray! but, demit. nine inch nails will be here on august 5 and i canut go cos im reserving me money. dem it dem you. its supposed to be their final concert. gadddddddemit! oh, and im also happy cos 'sigh''s getting lots of responses from fangirls. gotta love em fangirls. gah. nine freaking inch freaking nails. GADEMIT.

Jul 9, '09 5:59 AM
for gab's contacts
cccccclub day! whooo. little blue is one thexy mofo. i'm exhausted cos of a journal. dem. *drinuh, the bearer of bad news, was dur. helloooo.

'bout the panic thing, saw the blogs and stuff. i bloggggggged about it. gah. bden and spencer sitting in a tree. gah. sorry. bye.

Jun 24, '09 8:41 AM
for gab's contacts

Just took an Epilepsy test online. =)))) Gaaaaaaah, so faaaaany.

Let's still be friends?



  2. Teng ene remember when :(( -drina

    1. dreenuh pa :( and bden oh dear lawd HAHA

    2. now youre just somebody that i used to know

  3. 1, 0.3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. bye gab hahahahahaha -pau


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