September 7, 2012

Scientists In Motion, They Give You Their Devotion

It's that time of the year when our beloved school holds the annual Scientists In Motion for the opening of our Science Month. Since we are from Manila Science High School, every year the presentations just get weirder and weirder in a totally good way. Basically, each section (named after a scientist) brings back their scientist from the dead or in Townes' case, from the hospital or something haha, to talk about themselves for a bit and tell everyone what they contributed to the world of science as well as their most famous quote. 

I'm part of III - Calvin who was one of the 5 who proposed the Calvin Cycle. I didn't really pay much attention in last year's Biology class so I'm no expert in that hahaha. All we know is that it's part of the processes inside the plant and that there are light and dark reactions and so on and so forth. Since we almost fell asleep just by thinking about how boring it is, we decided to have fun and add zombies to the mix! 

Little by little, we hatched a plan quite parallel to that of Plants VS. Zombies. Mixed with a bit of some Michael Jackson goodness in the form of Thriller heehee!

After the first Friday mass, we ran to our homeroom (which is in the 4th floor btw huhu) and immediately slipped into our costumes and got our make up done. The most fun part about dressing up as a zombie is being utterly messy. Ughhh we had so much fun taking turns bloody-ing up each other and not to mention slathering our faces with Strawberry syrup!

l-r clockwise: Red Riding Hood Nona, Cadet Twinkle and Firefighter Maqui, Melvin Calvin Russ and me as some sort of cross between Wednesday from the Addams Family and a Sunday school teacher 

1-7 gurlz

Brand ambassador-ing

l-r. Lawrence, Kurt and Matthew. The plant boys yay
Squeezing in one last practice before we head off to the Amadome!


With Ma'am Sao!

II - Millikan

II - Pauling

I really liked II - Rutherford's entrance herher
II - Urey
It was too bad I did not get to watch any of the performances by the 7th graders and that I only saw a portion of II - Rutherford's presentation. Thank jeebus I got to see the Juniors yay!

III - Berzelius

III - Burbank

III - Calvin; the plants' entrance wee

The 'uber' cool sunflowers

Russ doing his zombie thang
I seriously got goosies when I heard the first few strains of the theme song from The Walking Dead. Ahhhh all the feels in the world!! Finally crossed 'dress up as a zombie for realsies' off my bucket list!

Bad-ass plants!


Still Thriller-ing

Hands down my favorite shot

We dead

Ahhhhh we had such a good time. We seriously enjoyed every second we were performing huhu. So so cool that everyone was such good sports hihi.

l-r, top to bottom, clockwise: Fatima, Callado, Erik, Matthew, Chloe, Maqui, Sean, Chinee, me, Twinkle, Dana, PY, Pau, Nona and Gerald

III - Darwin
III - Hertz w/ Tj the dog hihi!

III - Linnaeus

III - Mendel
III - Ptolemy
IV - Copernicus
IV - Einstein
IV - Faraday
IV - Lawrence

Creeeeeepy zombie from IV - Townes
After doing our best to clean up the mess that we call ourselves, we went back to the Amadome sort of fresh-faced and with dripping hair!
Photo op with the Manalastad Twins yay

Sunflower boys

Reyther and Bea yayyyyyyy

The Aftermath

Nona still in character
 After loitering a bit, we went up to our homeroom and we were just about to relax and all when we were told that we were gonna have our Social Studies class..We checked our worksheets and had a quiz on the Rise of the Roman Empire since we're like the latest of all the lates in the world because we missed 2 weeks of meetings.

My sneakers heeeeehoooo

Erik's magnificent pants HAHA
 After Social Studies, we went down to the canteen to eat.

Best photographers/girls ever hehehehehe
Russ's baws face
 After hanging out, we went back to the homeroom for the nth time that day and fixed the banner because we decided to hang it in our homeroom wee. 

We then had a photo shoot with the banner because we were just so darn happy aaaaaaaaaand we weren't simply in the mood to use our noodles for serious business hehe.


Scientists In Motion was a huge blast for real. I had so much fun and I really really feel gay about Calvin right now hehe. All the nights we stayed up til 7 just practicing and fooling around for were definitely worth it. We might be the partial winner for now, and I know winning would be the most amazing thing ever but (I'm about to go all cheesy gooey now) I'm so so happy already and I feel like I've already won hehe because hehe you guys hehe are my hehe classmates hehe. I love you III - Calvin hehe.


  1. "So so cool that everyone was such good sports hihi." you forgot to type 'almost' before 'everyone' haha! You guys were so cool talaga!! I swear all the Mascians will start an uprising if you don't win, galing galing ng Calvin! :)

    1. For a second there, I double checked pa then I got what you meant HAHA cray cray gurrrl Bianca!!! Thank you so much our hearts are bursting already with all the love you guys are giving hihi!! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Really sorry about that! Our preparations took a lot of time so we dint get to see the 7th graders until II - Marconi huhu

  3. The title - ME GUSTA. And I'm really loving that creepy picture of you.

    1. God bless That's So Raven! HAHA thanks Meg!!

  4. aww no kepler :(( you look like wednesday addam :>


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