September 15, 2012


Greetings! I am now back from the dead yay. This week has been stressful yadda yadda and to end our week, (omg I just realized why weekends are called weekends, because they end the week wow) we went to our grandparents' place in Pangasinan for my grandpa's birthday. We stopped for a while and ate at SM Rosales and lo and behold, they we're in the middle of their 3-Day Sale woopieeee.

We went back to the car after a quick shop and headed to Mapandan. What I love the most about road trips are the super funny auti moments my sister and I always have in the back seat of the car haha. I think our parents' ears got way abused hehe. 

Panda(y) the uber snobby dog was there 

Chelo. All along we thought her name was Chona HAHA

My sister dubbed thee as the 'invisible sneaky man'
I originally planned on spending my Saturday with my packed canvases and paints. I imagined myself basking in the fresh breeze and being one with nature and all that but instead I ended up freaking myself out by having an American Horror Story marathon hehe. Seriously, how could I miss the beauty of that show? I'm so addicted to it right now huhu but I did feel stupid for watching it the entire day when night time came and had me all paranoid and jumpy hihi.

The house behind me is supposedly haunted HAHA
Around 5 in the afternoon, I had this strong urge to indulge in sweets. I became Pregger Gab with my cravings hehe. So we went to town to satisfy our cravings. My cupcake craving, my sister's ukay ukay craving and my mum's church craving. 

After offering candles in the church, we looked for the ukay ukay place around town. And my my my did that ukay place put all the other ukay places I've been to here in Manila to shame. I swear, it was the most amazing place in the entire ukay-verse. 

P.S. I did not get the chance to eat a cupcake :(

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