September 29, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012

The Philippine leg of the Adidas King of the Road thing for 2012 was held earlier at the BGC grounds. I finally left my comfort zone which was the 5k race and registered for the 10k one yipee. I honestly felt nervous because I was dead beat the day before since we had the Science Camp last Friday and just slept the entire Saturday off and I haven't run since the last Outbreak in BGC so I was wary that I might injure myself or something.

Didn't get to see my mum before her 16.8k run cos I was sleeping like a behbeh and just woke up right before mine started hehe

It felt really good to run again sans zombies. Running around BGC with the sun shining was a change since the last time I did run, I was super duper pumped and noisy and had zombies chasing after me and I was wearing an uber bright reflector thingy.   

Running without listening to music and just listening to your heartbeat and the sound of your breathing is so....nice. I felt so relaxed and like I was ~one with nature~. 

Had my rubber thingies changed yesterday to dark blue...for the Foundation Day on Tuesday hehe yay for ~school spirit

w/ mum hehe
While waiting in line for the goodie bag, I imagined I was in a fashion week thingy hehe and took pictures of muddy muddy running shoes. If you guys just knew how I narrated and described the shoes in my head, no doubt I'd lose a considerable amount of friends with how auti I was HAHA.

a floating head on right 

A hydrant because I feel.............very fresh and very relaxed and very stress-free hehe

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