September 18, 2012

Princess (Adz) Diaries #1

Here is another entry from my very pubertial, very weird and very old livejournal account:

I lost my iPod yesterday. Well, someone stole it from me while riding the bus. There were two guys ahead of my keeper and I. The row before us to be exact. The fat guy kept on staring at me so I just ignored him and got my iPod out. I dozed off since it was an hour trip and I woke up to my keeper shoving me cos our stop was near. So I took off my iPod, placed it inside the pocket of my backpack and removed my jacket. My keeper went ahead of me and I couldn't squeeze through the oddly tight aisle of the two guys. After 30-60 seconds, it suddenly was wide and I was kind of pushed off. Annnnd! I only found out last night because I was supposed to sync my iPod cos I dloaded new songs from Pmore. Gah. Yeah, my mum found me crying and clawing my hair out.

I was also chosen to be part of the t-shirt/poster design contest for the fair on December 3. Bleh. I was pulled out from class at 10: 30 and I finished at 3: 30. Ate lunch care of my adviser at 1:50 and only got to eat a Jamaican patty. So so so sad. I hope I win though. I worked pretty hard for it.

SATURDAY CLASS! During our Christian Doctrine class, we talked about giving up our 'flags' to our future husbands. LOL. And we talked about some tv show where a 14 year old girl is impregnated by a 16 year old dild0. Bleh. The guy's name was Gabby so yeah, they were mad at me cos 'I' was a jerk to the girl. Lol.

Last, I'll watch Jabbawockeez later! Yay. Hahaha. And my parents might buy me a new ipod. My fingers are crossed. Hope yours are too.

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