June 16, 2012

Musical Book Flaps

Music is not really my life but I can say that listening to it does make the world seem like such a good place to be in. At times, I usually go on youtube and just spend the day looking at a ton of covers and feeling like an American Idol judge with the way I listen and look out for those who have 'potential' haha! Anyhoo, since  I've immersed myself in good songs while working on my homework this weekend plus the fact that the MSHS Chorale is having another audition this Friday yay, I just wanted to share with the internet world these 5 totally amazing covers. 

PFox and PMane. What can I say? They are THE quirkiest and most adorable duo I have ever seen on youtube. They are so cute and the blending of their voices is so clean and just so....right. 

I recently fell in love with the song Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes and I stumbled upon this cover. I expected it to be not so good since the video was so shaky and stuff. Hem hem what is judgemental hem hem. But then ahhhh!! I was proven wrong meheh once again the blending left me speechless. A bit shaky on some parts but still, their cover kicks ass.

I seriously just watched this tonight and I instantly fell in love with it. At first I got nervous with the instrumental substitute that they did with the empty carton but man did they pull it off! I really like how Lennon's raspy voice complements Maisy's crystal clear one heehee. Oh and did I mention Lennon and Maisy are just 12 and 8 years old respectively? Are you asking yourself now where were you when God gave out talents and wondering what you're doing with your life? Hahaha just kidding!

THIS. THIS VIDEO IS JUST MADE OF PURE TALENT. Hehe. I've known this video for a while and I've always dreamt of making something as cool as this. I can't express how I love this video. They just look so comfy and relaxed...and they still managed to perform like THAT. 

Lastly, this girl. This girl, and let me borrow Randy Jackson's line, is off da hook. I mean, really? Covering a Gorillaz song like that and pulling it off like nobody's business? Get outta here! No. Joke please come back and make a ton of crazy videos like this one hehe.

Ta-da! If you know any nice covers that you want me to know about, why not leave me a comment so I could listen to it and crawl into a fetal position and die from beauty HAHA. 


  1. I love all of these videos especially the one with the little girls. They are so amazing and I love the raspy quality of lennon

    1. I'm really glad you took the time to listen to them! Yes i do believe theyve got a long road ahead of them. Cheers!!

    2. I'm really glad you took the time to listen to them! Yes i do believe theyve got a long road ahead of them. Cheers!!

  2. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    Grabe gusto ko gumawa ng cover ng dog days are over! I've known that song for awhile now, really like it.

  3. I love the first video! Grabe yung blending hnnnnggg


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