June 2, 2012

House Blessing

Last night we went to my uncle's brother-in-law's.......................................house blessing! I think it's pretty obvious what this is about haha. After such a gloomy and errand filled day, it was a breath of fresh air to sit back and hang out with our relatives and old neighbors.

Possibly the most comfortable outfit ever

My shoes are back from the dead!!
After quite some time, the karaoke was put back to life and they started a rotation of who gets to sing. It was a bit awkward at first, well I was a bit awkward haha, but after the drinks started flowing and most of the adults were at their most boisterous, the fun really began!

'Break Out' hahaha

What is talllllllllll


  1. related pala kayo Ivan! hahahah :)) la lungs

  2. related pala kayo Ivan! hahahah :)) la lungs

  3. Huy hala! I saw your shoes sa G5. Gustong gusto ko yang bilhin kaso wala silang size ko. </3 SHARE =))))


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