June 9, 2012

Art Smart: Objective-Is-To-Creep-You-Out Girl

Meet Ronit Baranga. She's a sculptor. She makes pots. She also molds creepy little fingers and mouths to her works. Yes, you'll buy a normal looking put then when you take a glimpse of the bottom, you'll find a parted mouth. Totally normal, right? But anyway, the glistening sculptures and their eerie stillness are just so frightening. I can't imagine what a person would do if ever he or she would stumble upon his works in the year 3000 all tucked away inside an antique store or something. They'd think we were such a creepy generation hehe.


  1. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    Creepy! :))

  2. Honey, Ronit Baranga is a Women...


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