June 11, 2012

A Return To Song: The 2012 European Tour Homecoming Concert

I've dreamed of passing the entrance exam and becoming a legit student at the Ateneo de Manila University. You could say it's my dream school mehehe. But anyway, last Sunday we had the awesome opportunity to watch the world renowned Ateneo College Glee Club perform live for their homecoming from Europe concert!

My sister drove us to PhilAm Life Theatre where the concert was held! We got chaperoned by kuya Victor who is the funniest in the world! We arrived a bit early so we decided to get some snacks first at the nearby cafe.

Kuya Victor!
Shoes we were gonna wear! My sister's on the left and mine on the right hihi...Chloe..
We got stuck in traffic in Baclaran I think so took a bunch of photos to sort of keep myself occupado! Mostly of myself, but I did manage to take pictures of the surroundings nyahaha.

My very weird crease-y smile
At a gas station..naks
Upon arriving at the theatre, I was bombarded with memories from the last time I set foot in that place..which was the Voices in Harmony competition! I remember it was our first ever contest for MSHS Chorale Batch 2011-2012. I was so nervous and I seriously felt like puking when I saw the other contestants in their crisp costumes and game faces on while we fretted over our accused backless costumes. So when these memories came at me with a vengeance, I couldn't help but yearn for another mini-reunion with the other members hehe.

Shiny shiny

We were greeted by a mini exhibit all about the ACGC (duh). Showcased were pictures, their trophies and a couple of certificates. From what I know, they were also selling some memorabilia. 

Didn't know the theatre was this pretty!

One of my favorites!!!!
The first part of the concert was filled with foreign songs. I did get goosebumps when they performed 'Silence My Soul' (not really sure on the title)! I remember doing it during the conducting masterclass in UP Diliman and our attempt at the recognition day in MaSci!! All of the songs were so beautifully sung but I'd have to say I absolutely loved De Profundis. It really was such a coincidinky that the day before the day before Sunday, the alumni were singing it at the mini MSHS Chorale reunion thingy.

During the 15 minute break after the first part!
The second part..was so cute!!! It was so funny too. But dominantly it could still be described as very very very beautiful. I liked the change of costume as well since I could imagine them donning the highly indigenous-looking outfits all over Europe. My favorite for this part was Koyu no Tebulul hehe!! Plus the song about the 3 drums haha although Im not quite sure which part of the concert that belonged to.


So yes, the concert was really entertaining! They deserve every recognition they got and DID NOT GET! Seriously, they were da bomb. They were so smooth and clear. The sopranos were their soprano selves, all high and crystal-like and bright, the altos were warm and definitely buzzing, the tenors sounded like opera singers (!!!!!so good!!!!!) and the basses! THE BASSES WERE SO DEEP. They were rolling in the deep hahahaha joke. They were so good, it felt like their voices were coming from the core of the Earth!! Wooo.  I hope our basses in MaSci can all go through a mass growth spurt or something so their voices could go way deep and very air condition-like haha! 

Watching it made me miss my choir days and really got me revved up for the Rotary Contest this year. It also fueled my desire to pass the ACET and audition for the ACGC, ahhh really keeping my fingers crossed for these! 

We met up with my sister's friend ate Dani who is a member of the ACGC after the show. I was starstruck huhu.

Ate Dani and her boyfriend! <3
Mehehe here's Gab the sunflower to finish this post!!!!!!!!

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