June 7, 2012

Me Llamo Gab

I was in dire need of a 2x2 ID picture and instead of having my picture taken by a professional, my dad went all McGuyver and became my photographer/stylist/2x2 rush ID personnel HAHA 

Hola everyone! This week has been less traumatizing as I thought it would be. I imagined coming home at 9pm on days when we'd have classes til 7pm and inevitably murder a poor stray cat because I'd go insane due to the workload. I imagined being all yucky, sweaty and reeking of that certain adolescent funk after a day's worth of (ab)using my brain, bouncing from one building to another and praying for a miracle in the form of an absent teacher hehehe.

Although my new classmates are way funny, I couldn't help but miss Cheesecake a lot this week. Cue gloomy violin playing in the background. It seems that I've experienced a bit of separation anxiety from mi amigos. It's a good thing though that we're all in the same Foreign language class! Initially, my name was listed 3 times; twice in Spanish classes with different teachers and once in the highly coveted French class. Even though I found it hard to decided between the two languages, I ended up choosing Spanish anyway...because of Community!! 

Just thinking about our future Spanish classes has got me tempted to go all La Biblioteca during discussion hihi. Once we met our teacher though I seriously thought I'd pee in my pants because of all the giddiness. Our Spanish teacher is Senor Chang minus the sneakiness and the eyebrow-raising..quirkiness yay. Sitting in Spanish class made me feel like I was in Dora the Explorer's world. It was that fun! 

Just like what I did last year, I decided to transfer to the Business Management class instead of taking up Baking. It's nice to see most of the TLE girls from the previous year sticking to the TLE department as well! Despite all the rumors that transferring to Business Management (BM) is like condemning yourself to a difficult school year, I'm being optimistic that this will be proven wrong!

It's Friday and I can already smell the sweet promise that the weekend has to offer. I'm really looking forward to the Chorale meeting later on today and the ACGC's Homecoming Concert on Sunday. Seriously feels good to end a very hectic week with good company and definitely good music!

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  1. Good luck and have fun in BM! Hahahahaha


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