June 10, 2012

Cravings Duly Satisfied

Hola! This weekend has seriously relaxed me after this first week of classes. After trying to finish all my school works last Friday (key word: trying!), I spent like half of Saturday submerged in academics. I then went for a jog after a week of sitting on my butt! It felt so good ahhh. I also stayed up watching Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Just Go With It on HBO and man were they worth waking up at noon this Sunday heehee. 

Also, this week, I ran out of the green cupcakes that I baked so by the time Friday and Saturday came, I was a mess who craved for sweets. So earlier, I decided to reload my week's 'baon' supply and baked me some (white) chocolate chip cookies! By the way, am I the only one who can't get enough of cookie dough? For realsies, everytime I make cookies I can't help but a heap of it!! I'm even considering making a batch but instead of baking it, I'll just place it in a container and letting it sit in the freezer hehe.

Lastly, I haven't talked about Perry in a long time! I'm just gonna squeeze him in this entry since this week we found out that my nephew's dog, Amber, died of rabies..and we're just glad Perry didnt have rabies when he bit us!

Perry being flirtatious and coy nyahahaha

Perry's 'standing-on-a-cliff-in-Ireland-with-the-wind-in-my-hair-getting-ready-for-a-battle-of-epic-proportions' face
 Here are the cookies and cream cupcakes my mum baked as well as the white chocolate chip cookies that I worked on! 

Cream cheese frosting, holla!!

This weekend has been so good! It's like every craving that I had this week got satisfied heehee. I hope this becomes a pattern! Me slaving for good grades the entire week and then reverting to my old normal self on the weekends haha joke oa!!


  1. Gabba gabba. You're so swerte talaga hahaha I can't get a cookie unless going to the nearest supermarket -_- haha life's always busy, buti ikaw you're making it easy hahaha. Nice gab! =))

  2. Les photos sont superrrbes!!!!Beacoup de chose appetissants!!!
    Angela Donava


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