June 8, 2012

Glorious Days of Scholastic Book Fairs

When I was younger, I'd always get so ecstatic whenever the Scholastic Book Fair would come and grace our school with their presence. I would spend my free time just going over the books and the weird yet pretty stuff they usually sold near the counter. Although their visits were not as perfect since most of the time I'd end up coveting everything my greedy eyes could land on. 

One of the happiest moments of my life would have to be the time when Scholastic had this huge ass warehouse sale far away from home. I did everything I could not to take everything!  My love for The Babysitters Club began that day when I bought a ton of them for only P10 each. However, upon seeing the limited selection of Goosebumps books, my young mind could not fathom how they could not have as much Goosebumps as TBC books and so my stomach did a very disappointed flop. But in the end, I was still the happiest kid on earth because of all the hidden Goosebumps I unearthed from the piles of books up for grabs!! 

The reason why I'm going on about this is that last night I saw a tweet about Goosebumps having its first ever hardbound book coming out soon!! Ahhh so cool! Immediately after seeing it, I sent Mr. Stine a tweet; never really expecting a reply but oh my gourd he did reply and I seriously think I resembled a hyperventilating seahorse after I saw his responses hee ho hee ho hee ho.

Mr. Stine, I just might have this screen cap printed and laminated and safely tucked inside my wallet 
I do realize I may have come off a bit..too ecstatic? I am not smooth at all huhu. Now I'm off to find out whether Ann M. Martin has a twitter account!!!

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  1. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    Another achievement removed from your bucket list. congrats I guess :))


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