June 8, 2012

Art Smart: Intravenous Liquid Gold

I have read a lot of Young Adult books about how teens can go from normal and all of a sudden this climactic event serves as a catalyst to the landslide of situations that help or contribute to the 'transcending' of the person. I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly but by transcend I can imagine that as we live our lives, we're sort of in this semi-liquid bubble that shades us from seeing life in all its glory, we live normally til we scratch the surface hard enough and we get a glimpse of how ethereal and magical living in this world is. From then on, it depends on us whether we keep 'digging' and eventually create a hole big enough to keep a clear view or we could also let the hole heal like a wound, sealing us back in the bubble thingy. 

Anyway, pardon my preachy preachy stuff above, it just came at me while looking at Maria Sardari's works. Seriously felt like I was looking in the whole transcending thing from another person's point of view. I know words like ethereal and magical have been abused by me, but her works..could be summed up by those. Considering that she's only a teenager, she has a very very very promising career ahead of her fo sho. I hope a lot of people can see her works.

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