June 30, 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

It's really no excuse I wasn't able to post yesterday. I woke up, tried to make a cover, got wet because of the rain on my way to the dentist, had my mouth prodded hehe and spent almost the entire day recording a video (while we had guests in the house huhu had a hard time trying to 'soundproof' my parents' room). When I got home from the dentist, a bracket instantly came off so I had to come back in the afternoon. Anyway, I recorded a ton of videos and when I transferred them to the laptop, the audio was all wonky :( I promise I wont do the same for July's! 

Here are my test shots by the way; I mean these are where I placed the camera on ala makeshift tripod!


  1. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    Where can I watch your covers? :)

    1. on HBO..............joke haha the vids i made were wonky :( id just have to make up siguro ill post earlier this month


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