June 7, 2012

Art Smart: Waking Up The Babysitters Club

Here are a few jaw-dropping works by Jeff Ramirez for you guys! I know jaw-dropping is such a cheesy adjective but I seriously think these paintings, (yes, they aren't photographs!) deserve the said describing word plus a few more. Upon first glance on his works, my childhood Scholastic book covers came to mind. Books  like The Babysitters Club to be exact!! As much as I looooved the series, I tend to secretly judge a book by its cover like I'd read the one with the prettiest cover first before the other mediocre ones hihi. It's just that the covers reminded me so much of the old movie houses in Manila that had hand painted movie posters, movie houses which I have never set foot in huhu. So here we go, if you're a fan as well, let us take the time and fantasize about how cool it'd be if Ann M. Martin started writing more books with these paintings as covers!

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