June 17, 2012

Fafa's Day

Happy fathers day to all the dads/pops/itays/daddies/papas/papangs/tatays out there! After sleeping in late last night (ehem Social Studies homework you ought to be ashamed) being jostled awake with matching screams was not how I imagined waking up today. Nevertheless, I got up at 9-ish and greeted my pops hehe! We watched a bit of the Candy Queen show on TLC while building up my courage to shower with cold water. Side note: Man the clients in that show are so dang rich! Anyway, after showering and dressing, we gave our dad our gift, which he already knew about boo.

Hehe I find this adorable

Obligatory family picture with Freddie Aguilar HAHAH jsyk, I'm Freddie Aguilar
 I sat beside my mum since my sister was the one who drove us to the church
Never really had the chance to take pictures of this graffiti-ed wall in the church's parking lot. We don't usually bring our camera when we go to church plus usually it'd be covered by parked cars. Well...looks like our lucky day! Hehe. The homily was really nice..the priest was so funny! It felt really good to be in church today. What made it better was the cute little baby being carried by his dad one pew away from us. The kid was just adorable with the way he was copying everything that I did! Ahhh I'm not really hands on with my affection for kids; I'd rather find them adorable from a far than actually talk to them and make weird faces at them. It was I think the first time that I entertained a kid without it crying hehehehehe.

I look like a mess!

After hearing mass we couldn't decided which restaurant to go to. We ended up just cruising around BF being picky and stuff. A restaurant would either be TOO FULL or TOO EMPTY hahaha. It looked like we were waiting for a miracle in the form of a miraculously empty table for 4 just stagnant and patiently waiting for us. Alas, after a million years, we reached Santana Grove and just focused on having our bellies filled.

After checking out a restaurant in the area, deeming the service too slow and bidding farewell to the Wi-Fi, I hung out for a while with this ultra cool cat. From experience, most cats upon the sight of my face and um height would easily and quickly scramble off to get away from me. But this one proved to be the badass of the feline race. This cat was licking itself when I went near it, stopped to look at me, tilted its head and proceeded to lick itself some more. Too bad tho that by the time that I went to the restaurant, ordered my food and came back to where it was, it had vanished already. 


Poor pops was so hungry


These chili something fries ahhhhhhhh

Corbin Bleu on my plate joke hahaha

Ended our meal with desserts! Our family doesn't really have a sweet tooth so it was a breath of fresh air to see these on the table. Something sweet to top off a sweet day, if I must say. Ok HW time :(

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  1. Awww lovely post and lovely family photo! Food looks amazing too!



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