June 2, 2012

Art Smart: Vector-y Is His

Taking a break from all the traditional art, I'm here to present to you guys Enkel Dika to satisfy your digital illustration cravings. Some of you would probably notice him and his works from 9GAG. The fact that this guy got praises on that site just goes to show that he kicks butt when it comes to his artworks! His works have also been frequently printed on numerous shirts sold under Threadless which can be considered as the home of funny shirts or the more awesome version of the Philippines' Artwork. There are a ton of witty meanings and double entendre to his pop-culture themed designs which in my opinion makes viewing them a lot more fun and gives you the satisfaction of feeling a wee bit smart for getting the hidden jokes in his art hehe.

By far my favorite! Check out how he made the nuclear plant look like a sinister castle!! 


Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥