June 30, 2012

Cheeze Loueeez

I slept after watching and witnessing the Charice fiasco that is X-Factor Philippines and was brought back to the world by my dad at around 5am to finish my workload. I'm now done with English, Physics and Filipino....all that's left is my ABR Research Proposal which I'm sure will only result to me being slapped either literally or figuratively hehe. Around 9 earlier, after going off about Pentatonix and their amazingness over breakfast, I decided to get rid of my proverbial itch and tried to imitate my mum's *insert adjective here* oreo cheesecake.

Sossy rezipe is sozzy

I finally used a mortar and pestle for these hehe childhood dream

The box from which our cream cheese came from

The thingie's name is Indigo. This is its tourist photo

This is Indigo with its wife/life partner, Indiga. Again, another tourist photo.

The recipe said to bake for 45 minutes so I went back to my room and spotted my limerick book hihi. I'm starting to love limericks by the way. They're just so adorable! I might make it a habit of writing one a day hehe. It's the only form of poetry that I can understand along with haikus. 

It wasn't due yet but my sister asked me if it was ready since the smell was different. I checked it out and bam it was! I'm not yet sure if I just wasted a ton of cream cheese huhu but I really really really really hope I didn't.


  1. wassup with annabelle rama HAHA

    1. My artifact is all about her nyahaha

  2. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    pahingi!!! :))) or gawa tayo :D


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